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Social Changes are Coming – It’s Time for Authenticity

Hello Butterflies!

Have you been feeling awkward when you leave your house? Lonely at social gatherings, even though you are surrounded by people? Tired of entertaining?

Moving forward, social situations are will only feel rewarding when you are connecting at a soul level with others. When everyone is being honest and speaking their truth. When everyone is fully in their own presence and allowing their own vibration to flow fully.

Did you notice that we did not say that all people must be of the same vibration, or even a high vibration? Yes, you read that correctly. ALL vibrations will feel good to you now, so long as they are honest, full spectrum representations of that beings current vibration. You can connect on any level, so long as it is genuine.

This is the new growth paradigm that is facilitating the great shift of humanity on earth.

This is the truth of the animals so many of you admire, the reason for their comfort in their own state. They are who they are, no apologies, and all are appreciated within the circle of life.

Conversely, when you are around people who are not allowing their true selves and full vibration to shine through, it will feel lonely or uncomfortable, because those people are not fully there. Not present. Not living, not shining, not BE-ing.

That is all. So when you are at a function or a situation where this feeling of loneliness arises, we would suggest to you that you stay even more in your own be-ing, and revel in it. Get comfortable with yourself, and let it radiate. You just might inspire others to do the same. At the very least, you will be more comfortable, shining.

~ Eden

Mercury Retrograde, Karmic Shifts and Moving Through the Old into the New – Message for August 2017

Dear Ones,

Everyone is releasing much more easily now, as of the last several months, and a lot of old, old stuff is coming up, both from this life and others. That makes it a bit of  a stressful time for just about everyone, but supporting the physical body during this time of release will be helpful, allowing the issues to be cleared more readily. Support can take the form of physical stretching and movement, flower essences, vibropathics, herbs, high-energy foods, massage, saunas, epsom salt baths, earthing… Anything that helps move toxins and debris out of the body, through the lymphatic system, etc. All that is helpful.

Mercury has also entered retrograde, a planetary influence that always helps earthlings tie up loose ends, complete unfinished business. So if you have feelings that are still unresolved or need some sifting/shifting, then they will come up during this time of completion and release. So it is with your past. There are times you may wonder about your youth, the dreams you had, the paths you could have took. Sometimes, this shoulda, coulda keeps you from proceeding at full courage in your present moment, because there are moments of regret, moments of other dreams, that make you wonder what you might now be doing “not quite right.” Of course, there is none of that! Everything you do, from our perspective, is quite simply perfect and joyous and wonderful and we would say to you to keep moving forward and not worry about ANY action you take, ever.

ALL roads lead to the one. All is good. All is right.

Yes, it is that simple.

All is well.


Becoming Your Light, or How to Let Go of Fear and Blossom – A Channeled Message from Eden

We greet you in love.

In truth, it does not matter where you go, or what you do, but only how you are feeling at each moment. Of course, you already know that. What has been the root of your discomfort for so long is that you are not allowing yourself to be who you really are, because for too long you have been being someone else for the benefit of others. You stay sweet and kind and giving, for the people you wish to be a light for. You try not to speak negatively, even when dealing with negative situations. You try not to bring others down, even when they are dragging you with them. But this is not what anyone needs. Not you, not those around you. Everyone needs to see the real YOU.

What does that mean for your future?
Don’t you already know?

Until you fully allow yourself to be as you want, you will not be able to grow your business or be fulfilled. Until you have helped yourself to fully blossom, how can you do the same for others? If you are not living a joy-based life, un-mired by fear, how can you change the thinking of other fear-based people? As you have seen, you can not, not at the scope you are wanting. So you must begin with yourself. Pushing past material constraints. Pushing past emotional dependencies and illusionary obligations. Pushing past your own fear of freedom.

Let go of planning, and focus on being.

Then, the people will come to you, for healing, for guidance, for joy-based relaxation and retreats. Everything will grow out of that: when they say, “if you build it, they will come,” they do not refer to building the business or structure. NO. They refer to building your self. To be-coming yourself. Because when you are tuned in, turned on, tapped in, you become a BEACON that others mired in dark cannot ignore, and they begin to flow to you like moths to a flame.

Do you see now? Do you see how it all comes together when you are BE-coming and BE-ing YOU? Always, always, do that. Be you. Be where you are happiest. Be HOW you are happiest. Release fear-based planning and safe-guarding and preparing and allow the only strategy to be getting in your happy place. The rest will follow.

You are not on the wrong path. You have not made mistakes. All has happened as it must. The slow way was necessary for the greatest growth, and now it is TIME to claim your life.

You are blessed.
You are loved.
All will be well.

In light ~ Eden

Right Action, Right Thought, Right Feeling – Create the Life You Want

Dear Eden,
I am wanting to create the life I dreamed of and I feel I am on my path, but I have been struggling, I don’t really enjoy what I am learning much but I want to be successful and find what really works for me. I don’t know why I feel so lost sometimes but I really just want my life to get moving in the right direction toward what I want to be doing. I want to thrive and be successful and be happy in my heart while making a difference. I am wanting to know what I can do to get closer to my path. Thanks, G.

Dearest G.,
Right action combined with right thought and right feeling can be most amazing for manifestation and creation in the physical realm. What does that mean, exactly? Right feeling is the joy and excitement that drives creation, that drives you as a physical being along the path towards easy manifestation. Right thought involves being focused and clear about what it is exactly you are wanting to do – to be. It is all about your will and your intention. Right action is the third, and final, component in the trio. Right action is the follow through, the physical commitment and propulsion of the self towards the outcome. Example? Say you want to be a successful writer – well, you would need to write something, in order for that to happen, even if it’s simply an outline that one submits to a publisher to secure an advance payment.
You have immersed yourself in right action, and that is commendable. You know what you want to do, and are in the process of gathering the information you need in order to do it well. What we see, where you are coming against resistance, is in two primary areas: right feeling, and right thought.
Let’s address right thought, first. We want you to sit with yourself quietly and think deeply about what it is you really want. We want you to remember why you want to do it. Why you want to be a success. Go as deep with the reasons as you can, peel back the layers like an onion. Each time you come up with a reason, ask yourself, “but why?” until you can dig no deeper. Once you are there, with these deepest desires, you have your true goals. At that point, ask yourself how you can be that now. Because you feel you are at the beginning of your process, you are discontent. But in order to get through the process of learning and be-coming successfully, you need to vibrationally align yourself with your goal as much as you can.
This is where right feeling comes in. We want you to feel happy right here, right now. We want you to find a way to feel that you are making a difference, right here, right now. We want you to be enjoying your music, right here, right now. When you are in right feeling, you will draw the right teachers and lessons to you naturally and joyfully. In the beginning, it might be more difficult. You might need to purposefully seek out things that make you happy. You will need to make the effort to nurture your own happiness. It is the most important work you can ever do on this planet, so take the time you need. You cannot be of help to others unless you are of help to yourself. It is infinitely more difficult to arrive at joy as a destination if your path is not also joy-full. Ease comes from within, it is a gift you give unto your self. Start today. Do something small for yourself that brings your joy. Tomorrow, do two things. Remember what lights you up.
All is well. Give yourself over to the process of growth, of be-coming, for that is the path of all beings in living, physical bodies. You are forever be-coming. See the joy in every moment. Be not impatient, for your happiness surrounds you.

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The Year Ahead, A Channeled Reading from Eden for 2017

The world is changing, but you all know that already. What you do not seem to know, or always remember, is that there is a sweetness in the air coming to guide you. The more you are in fear, the more you are angry, the more you are hiding from what you do not want to see, the less you will see or hear this sweetness. Be open. Be ready. Your world is ascending to new heights very rapidly. You will have free energy proven to the masses within the next seven years. Probably sooner. Your cars and homes are going to be self sustaining within twenty. The environment has taken a hit, but it will recover quickly with the new technologies for remediation that are emerging. Dark forces are fighting to keep these technologies from emerging, but they can not win. It is an impossible fight for them, as, like all discoveries, so many people will be discovering these things at the same time in so many places and in so many ways, that there will be no stopping them all. The knowledge will come out and the light will prevail, as it always does.

Do not fear for your countries. Do not fear for your rights. Be strong in who YOU are, and all will come right in the end. Fear based realities are crumbling apart and only those who stand with love and light will conquer the world.

So, what shall you do? How should you live?

Laugh more. Love more.

Do everything that brings you joy. Do less of what does not. Follow your passions, in the moment. Be in the moment. Be IN your joy.

The world shall right itself, it does not you to steer it. Keep your eye on joy, always. Watch less drama. Less horror. Turn away from the things that pump up your fears, even if you find the adrenaline rush “stimulating”. If, in the end, it is not uplifting, do not partake of that drug, whether it is for the body, the mind or the heart.

Remember. Love. Laugh. Be IN Joy.
All will be well.
You are loved by the hearts of a thousand points of starlight, a million distant suns, the worlds of love and the universe.
All IS well. You are one with all, all is love, and ALL is one with you.


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