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January, 2009


A Message for January

Welcome to the beginning. The beginning of the year, the beginning of new times, the beginning of everything you desire and dream of. There is nothing that is out of reach for you all this year. You can create anything you can conceive of. This is the truth of the gospels, this is the truth of the old prophets, and the perfection of God that is manifest in each and every one of you.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself full of bliss and joy. See the circumstances that would surround you. Allow yourself to feel the fullness of this emotion, this utter happiness. Feel the light of Spirit flowing through you, and touching everything that you touch. You are surrounded by the love and the radiance of God, of Spirit. Isn’t it wonderful? Allow yourself this full experience now, and you can recreate it anytime throughout your day. They more often you are filled with this perfect feeling of joy and love for life, the sooner and more often you will experience miracles flowing through your daily life. Miracles small, miracles large. Miracles of coincidence, of friendship, of peace. There are no miracles too hard to achieve. All are easy, for all possibilities are stored within every atom within every fiber of your being. Be easy. Be Blessed. Love & Joy ~ Eden


Eden I am reading a book about the Annunaki, aliens who came to earth and “joined” with humans to create a better race of humans, to use to rule over humans while they used them to mine gold and other metals. What is this all about? Is it real? Tell me more!

The Annunaki is just one part of your heritage, you have been seeded many times, and received much knowledge and spirit from other worlds, times and places. Do not dwell to much on where you came from, but on where you are going. As a species, yes. You are all changing, evolving. Some faster than others, each at their own pace. You are all expecting a better world, not realizing that all the while you are creating it deep within your own bodies. Some of your “junk” DNA is activating, and still more pieces of DNA and cells are changing and shifting to become something entirely new, entirely different. And yet the same, for always, always, you each carry the same divine spark of Life, of Source, of God within you. You each carry your same soul which you have always had, and without which you would not be walking or breathing, dancing or crying. Your soul was not created by the Annunaki, or the Pleiadians, or any other alien race. It was created from the same fabric of Spirit and Source energy that all matter and all space are created from. It links you to each and every spark of life in the entire universe. That is what is important, and must be remembered most of all.

There is a bitter cold sweeping the Northern US. Is this normal?Are we cooling down or heating up? What is happening?

This is a natural winter cycle. The sun is less active, and so your planet is colder. We do feel that the sun is going to remain quiet a little longer, and wake up slowly. The sun is tired, and knows that it overheated the planet earlier, and that now you are all worrying. So it is trying to show you that you will all be OK, and that as much as you are stewards of the animals, so is the Sun a steward of you planet. Do not fear. Stay warm, and enjoy this period of rest, for it never lasts long in the end.


February, 2009


A Message for February, on judging and acceptance

Dear ones, why are you always judging? What is to be gained by judging everyone and everything around you? When you judge, you are not living joyously in the present moment. When you judge, you are fighting your present circumstances, and therefore focusing on what you do not want to be experiencing. This will only help you call in more of what you are not liking. When you accept everything around you, when you cease judging and open your arms to all, then the entire world will flock to you. Everything you ever wanted will appear. If you find your self unable to do this, you must retrain your mind. Begin by disconnecting from all the energy feeds which fuel your judging. If you cannot watch American Idol without judging and appreciating all the singers and judges and songs and commercials, don’t watch it for a few weeks. If you cannot watch the news without feeling badly, turn it off. If you cannot read your emails without being sad or annoyed with spam, stop checking them for a while, or install a better filter. If you cannot filter your judging, resentful emotions, let someone or something else do it for you until you can. Hand over all your negative emotions to Source. Give them to source, god, spirit, your higher self – give me your troubles, and release them. Forget about them, until the day you can remember them and wonder at why they bothered you so much. You are so blessed, you are so loved, can you not do a little of the same for the rest of the world?

A Message from Joseph, husband of Mary, father of Yeshua, titled “The Love of Joseph”


Who am I? I am Joseph. I am a lover, and beloved of my family and friends. I was a good man, and now I am good soul. I have come forward today to tell you my story. Many, many years ago, my story became lost. The men and women who would rule the world with religion and with laws consciously removed me from their version of the stories so that the world would have no recourse to the divine union of male and female energy. They removed the sexuality of my beloved wife, whom they designated the pure representative of the divine feminine, and the removed the divine feminine from the beloved wife of my son, whom the designated reformed sexuality. Chastity on all levels became the best way to access divine sexuality, and submission and obedience became the only ways to harness the divine feminine, weakening it and removing all its power. And the divine masculine became completely inaccessible, as it was now owned by one man only, “Son of God”. But already, we are becoming too political. My channel wants me to tell our story. So I will.

In 24 BC, I was born to my father and mother in the land of Canaan. They have said my father was Jacob, but that is not true, his name was Nimiah and my mother’s name was Janeene. At the time, we were traveling, visiting relatives and trading. My father was of the kingly caste, and involved quite heavily in politics, but this trip was one of relaxation, as we were invite to a long wedding celebration and my mother was due soon for my birth. She was joyfull to know that there would be so many women and elders near at the time of my birthing. The day that I came, she could not have been happier, and as it was the day after the wedding, considered a good omen for both the bride and the groom, that events in their lives would always be timed well and all be fertile.

Later, we returned to our family home just outside of Jerusalem, by the sea. I was the third son in the family, and therefore not much was expected of me. I had life a bit easier, and spent quite a bit of time playing as a child, as I was not expected to spend as much time keeping my siblings in line. I had four brothers and two sisters, and our house was never quiet. As all the boys in the family, I was trained in the ways of the priests, and learned to read and write at the age of 10. I was enamored of the arts and would visit with the artisans and builders and craftspeople every chance I had, and it is for that reason that I became known as a great craftsman, because I never was able to stop making things, and so many of the finest houses in the lands we visited had boxes and furniture made by me. Later, when I traveled the lands, these skills came in very handy, because I was no longer able to make a living as a priest.

We had many rules of when to eat and what to eat and when to marry and when to have sex and when to sleep and when to till and so on. It helped us move the time along. It helped us keep our lives structured. But it also made life difficult sometimes, as it interfered greatly with our natural rhythms and flows, disconnecting us sometimes from the nature of the earth and the nature of our selves. When I was with Mary, there simply was never any time for us to be together. We loved so deeply, and we were kept apart so often, that sometimes we had to break our fathers rules to be together. But now I am ahead of the story. First, we must speak of the time in the sands.


We lived in a small oasis community outside of Jerusalem, close to the Essenes by the small salted seashore. I learned to fish in the river and in the open sea, to trade in the market in Jerusalem, to know the difference between beautiful pieces of furniture and lower creations. I learned to pray with the family, and I learned discourse from the Essenes. I learned about the divinity of man from my father, who was a learned scholar and holy man, and my mother taught me to respect and appreciate all women.

Near the oasis there were great sand dunes among the rocks, over a hundred feet high, and we would run and jump and play on these dunes, my brothers and my friends and I. My father would take us out to the desert to speak about our forefathers, our ancestors, and religion. He would speak to us of the transits of the sun and the stars and the moon and of the people who came to earth from the stars and of the people who began our own religion. He would tell us about the life of people in Egypt and in the lands to the east and the north. He would speak about the will of god and how the will of man was always the same as the will of god, for we were all one and we were all connected and we all had great amounts of spirit, of God, within us. He would cry sometimes when he spoke of the beauty of Spirit, and we would laugh. He also spent time teaching us about the ways of women, and telling us that it was important to always let them do as they pleased, for they were our equals and also our teachers, and without them, we could never be complete, whole, true men, true to the core of our very beings. Only union with a good woman, he said, could make a man complete, and only the love of a good man could lift a woman up so that her soul could truly shine. And then he would wipe his eyes and bring us home for the evening, and kiss our mother quietly on her head while she prepared the meal.

So it was after a long childhood, at the age of twelve I was taken to my uncle’s house in Bethlehem, and I was formally betrothed to the daughter of a friend of the family. This girl was only 6 years old, and I could not imagine marrying her. She was beautiful, but she was a child, giggling and running away to the kitchen with the water jug on her hip after washing our feet. Meanwhile, I was a man already. My father told me that this girl was also of royal blood, and that together we would have blessed children, of the highest holy lines. My uncle also told me that this woman’s family was very wealthy, and would bring us much wealth, and that her own mother was a priestess and this child would bring great blessings from God. I was doubtful that this girl would be the one who would stir my husbandly passions, but I agreed that it all sounded very nice, and I enjoyed the many sweets and feastings that we enjoyed that day and night. I spent most of the night playing games with Mary’s brothers, and went to sleep happy. When I woke, the family was gone, back on their way to Nazareth, and my father was already gone to market with my uncle to trade and enjoy the local flavors. I would not see Mary again for four years, until such time as she came to live with my family in preparation for our marriage.


Normally, a boy in my tribe would marry at the age of thirteen. Girls in some tribes would marry very young, but in ours they did not marry until a girl had had her first blood. For Mary, this was when she was 13. She came to live with my family when I was 16, and she was 10, so she could learn from my mother and sisters. Her own mother was dead at that time, so the families felt she would benefit from more female influences. She came to us as a child, and I watched her grow into the woman she would become. By the time she was 13, I believed her to be the most radiant, beautiful woman-child I had ever seen. She was breathtaking. I was very busy most days working with my father and traveling to markets and priestly meetings. Many nights we had men over for the evening meal to speak on religion and ideology. I did not get to speak to her very often, but we listened to each other when we spoke to others in the same room, and I learned that she was kind, intelligent, and full of a great inner peace and joy. Sometimes, late at night when the moon was full, we would meet in the garden. First it was by chance, as the moon had kept us both awake and drawn us to the outside, but soon I learned to look for her there when the moon was high. She told me about her mother and sisters and brothers, about the religious training she had received from her mother, about the strange dreams she had every night about kings, courtships, other lands and other children. So many dreams, on all sorts of topics. I spoke with her about what the men had said at dinner, about the strangers we met in other cities from lands to the north, and about the priestly training that I was receiving from my father. He hoped very much that I would become a great religious leader to follow in the footsteps of my uncles and forefathers.

We never kissed, for that would have been an insult to her family trust, but we would sometimes clasp hands, and often as the night grew chill Mary would lean into me for warmth, and I would wrap one arm, or sometimes even two, about her. These were my favorite moments, for when I did so, I was filled with the most momentous sensation of peace. It would fill my every limb, every portion of my body. On the outside, I would keep talking, to continue the conversation, but on the inside she would fill my very soul with the silence of the universe.

Years later, of course, when we were married and I told her how I had felt, she laughed. She said that for her it was the very opposite. She said that she always felt such peace in her heart, but that when I was near her she felt like she was filled with the fire of creation, the joy-full, endless energy of the universe. Now, she teased, she knew why – I was stealing her peace. No, I said, our souls must be merged as one, for that joy and boundless energy is how I myself usually felt. A little later that night, we conceived another of our children – Mary always said that it happened during that very conversation, that the energy of our conversation brought forth our third daughter, Martha, and that our later physical union was merely a confirmation of our intent.


Now, I will speak of the conception of our first son, whom you call Jesus, and who we called Yeshua. I find it funny that you call him Jesus when that was not his name. Why must names be translated? A name is important, it holds energy, and meaning. It should not be changed without great intent. But I digress.

After almost a year of our full moon meetings, my mother’s servant saw us in the gardens and told my parents. We were both scolded, for it was not appropriate for us to be touching, however innocent it was, and it was not good for us to be unchapperoned when Mary’s family had trusted my father to keep her chaste until our wedding. They sent Mary to sleep at my uncle’s house several streets away, and she would be at our house only during daylight hours, they said, until she had her first courses and we married.

For me, our seperation was agony. Because she could only be at our house during daylight hours, There were many days, sometimes weeks, when I would not see her, because my father and I often did not return home until after the sun had set. I became agitated, disconnected. I could not return to a peaceful centered feeling without her, it seemed. My father noticed this, and spoke to me about the danger of allowing oneself to become energetically dependent upon another person, and decided to send me away to the Essenes learn how to quiet my mind for hours at a time. He said that it was wonderful that Mary and I had such good effect on each other, but that I needed to be a whole person without her, before I could join with her.

I was gone for many moons, many moons, and when I came back, I had indeed learned many things. I was infinitely calmer, at peace. Nothing could upset me. And I had learned much of the feminine divine and the masculine divine and the ways in which they intertwined in heaven and earth. I had learned to watch the heavens for signs, and to read in Sanskrit and some Egyptian.

When I returned almost two years had passed. Mary was almost 15, and I, 21, and the elders said that it was past time we married. They chose an auspicious date for our marriage, and we were told that in three months we would wed. We tried to see each other several times but it was not until the week before we marrying that we were able to see each other in private, and this time. We did kiss. We kissed and we kissed and then we sprang apart and we sprang together again. We did not wait for our mrraige to consummate our love and our passion, and this was the night that Jesus was conceived. Later when Mary did not have any bleeding for several months, and the women calculated her courses, everyone knew that we had not waited. We were supposed to have married, and then waited to consummate our marriage until the month afterwards when the timing was approved by the priests. But we did not wait, obviously, and the women knew, and they told their husbands. We experienced a small amount of censure for this, mostly from the priests, but most men and women laughed and poked us in the ribs and said that they, too, did not always wait. The women joked that it was a miracle she had conceived, this virgin bride. Years later, these jokes would be misunderstood by the foreigners who followed by son Jesus, by men who did not understand the intricacies of our language or our ways. In their land, a woman would never survive such an event, being shamed and shunned if she conceived before marriage. So they assumed it must be true, that it was a miracle and our gentle ribbing and her nickname of “Virgin” must be true, not merely good humour. This was only the first misunderstanding, and mis-construction by my son’s friends and followers, and certainly not the last.

End Channel.


March, 2009


A Message for March, on the new chakra systems

Dear Ones, Many of you have been feeling poorly in your bodies lately. Sick, sad, sore. You try to lift your thoughts to the sun, to joy and love, but you feel like you are being dragged down. Do not despair. Over the last month, and for the coming weeks, many of you have been receiving new chakra systems augmenting your previous 8 primary chakras. The timeline how and where you receive these chakras is different for everyone, but all are receiving an upgrade. While these additional chakras are aligning with your bodies, many of you are experiencing physical symptoms in line with a dead-cell throwoff: headaches, nausea, fever, soreness and more. To align with this new energy, drink more fluids, eat less, and take extra time to rest. When it is in place your new chakra system will automatically be harnessing more energy from source than previously. You will feel better, and joy and love will flow more easily. This new system was brought in by the desires of mass human consciousness to evolve. Rejoice, for your time is NOW! Blessings, Eden

Dear Eden, I have these new chakras. What do I call them? What colors are they? How do I work with them?

Every one on the planet is receiving new chakras right now, and while they all share similarities, they are all slightly different, too. So this information can serve as a mirror or general example to others, but should not be taken as explicitly correct for everyone. Each person is receiving new chakras on their own timeline, and adjusting to them in different ways. The new ones above your head are all the colors of the rainbow, like prisms. The new ones nelow your feet they are earth and gold, going down. The new double ones running along each side of the abdomen, 3 to 4 pairs per person, are all pink. T hey are to harmonize the new body with love. The new one by your thymus gland is emerald green tinged with turquoise, and will help you speak with love, bring your love into your words and deeds. The paired ones in your calves, knees and thighs are not new, they were there, but now you will work with them more. They are brick colored, and will help you draw energy always from the earth. They will help you connect further with the earth and with the devas. Must they have names? If they must, you can call the lower ones your earthbody chakras, and the higher ones your soul harmony chakras, for they are bringing in more of your soul into your body to harmonize with it better. The pink ones are transitional ascension chakras to your love body, a new energy body which you will be receiving between your physical and energetic bodies, as is the thymus chakra (which you can just call the thymus chakra) Your leg chakras are your taproots.

If you were sent to Earth to be an Emissary of Freedom, to show the world what freedom meant, what would you do?

How would you act? Begin. For that is why you are here. That is who you are. That is what you are. So begin. Be free. Live free. Feel all your emotions freely. Give all your emotions freely. Do all your actions, big and small, freely. With all your self invested in everything that you do, but with no attachment to the outcome, pour yourself into life. Live your desires. Act, in perfect joy, and perfect trust, upon your impulses, knowing that when you do so without judgment, you are allowing the full light of Source and Spirit to enter you.

An exercise in object lessons:

When you are in your home this Spring, go around every day and appreciate every thing you love about your home, as an aspect of your self. And every flaw you see, love that too, as it is a part of your self. Know that there is no separation between what is in your pantry and the arm that is attached to your body. Know that the walls which house your body are as impermanent as the cells which house your soul, and love them all for the expression of manifestation they represent. Revel in the fact that you created all that which surrounds you, and jump for joy when you realize that you can create every thing you want. Now take that joy, and recreate it every day. And every day, that joy will recreate YOU, and your life, increasing your wellness and abundance.

I have recently acquired a small fluorite crystal skull. I believe its name is Nebudchadnezzer. Is it? And what do crystal skulls do? Who do they connect with? Are they beneficial?

All crystal skulls are not the same. The different crystals that they are made with carry different vibrations and energies. But all skulls, no matter who they are made by, connect to and carry the same vibration of the first skulls, who came from the ancients. Originally the skulls were used as communication devices, and to waken the DNA of early humans so that they could evolve. Now, the new modern skulls also awaken the DNA, the bodies and minds of all humans. They help you change. You worry that perhaps you are connecting to aliens who do not have your best interests at heart? You do not. The skulls connect only to your higher self and the truth of your DNA. They do nothing that is not already given or asked for in your genetic coding. They merely tap into your true self, the billions of reams of “junk” DNA and brain cells that you do not use, so that you can become a fuller expression of who you are meant to be. Each crystal skull also carries with it the personality or spirit of its original stone piece. Your fluorite skull harmonizes you sensitive energy with the energy around you, and within you. Its name is Nebudchadnezzer, today, now, b/c it is awakening the part of you that was awake eons ago. Also, it wanted a big name so that you would know that even though it is small, it carries great power and vibration. A rose quartz skull would help the heart chakra expand and awaken. A bloodstone skull would connect the higher chakras with the lower, grounding chakras. And so on.


April, 2009


A Message for April, on the being in the present moment

Be in the now. Right now. Think only of the present moment. Do not dwell on the future, or the past. Do what you can, at this moment. Do what brings you joy in the moment. Discard the rest. Keep only the best. You are blessed. This will allow you to be in better alignment with your new physical energy, and the higher energy of the earth this month, and forever.

Soul Names

When you ask was a soul is “named” the answer receive is an approximation of the soul’s vibration. What this means is that souls do not have actual “sound” names as you perceive them – rather, the best we can do is give you sounds best approximate the vibration that soul carries. Each soul carries a unique vibration, like a fingerprint or a snowflake. In fact, the reason every fingerprint is different is because it is manifesting the vibration of the soul’s name. The whorls and swirls are created by the vibration of your soul, what you call a name but what is really only a sound, a manifestation of the vibration that resonates everywhere you go. Our name is Eden, because the vibration of our group energy is best approximated to the vibration of the sound, Eden.


May, 2009


A Message for May, on claiming your humanity.

There is nothing that your soul can not handle, and nothing that you must endure, for you are a limitless being made for joy and the interminable variety of life that is on earth. You can do everything you can think of. Everything. You are blessed beyond your wakeful imagination. Arise, humans, and claim your power! You are the most powerful force in your own existence. You can choose your reality and choose to live in fear, or live in wonder, awe and joy. When you live in wonder, everything that you create will be as miracle to you, and there are no limits to what you can do. And when you live in fear you create misery out of anger, pain out of despair. Which would you rather do? Reclaim your humanity. Choose your true nature. Choose power. In love and empowerment ~ Eden.

I recently had contact with a woman whose is working closely with “the grays”, alien lifeforms, without realizing it. I saw that she was missing certain chakras and organs which have been stolen by them. It seemed very sinister to me. Who are these grays, really? How could a human invite them in to their experience?

How indeed? How does a person invite a murderer into their experience, ad abuser, or a car crash. There are always lessons to be learned. Sometimes the invitation to learning extends from a moment far in the past, even from another lifetime or an ancestor.

You are all infinite beings, and you are expanding on all levels all the time. Some of you, in your earthbound need for variety and contrasting situations, are contracting instead: decreasing your energy. This sort of energy can be recognized easily in victims and the abused. The grays are creative beings which are on a different harmonic level, and have learned to use the creative energy from other beings in other realities to augment their own creative experience. They view the creative process without joy, in a very scientific manner, and are constantly trying to learn more about it. For this reason, they are particularly drawn to humans, who are some of the most creative beings in the universe.

The Grays are not bad or evil, as there is no real thing such as bad or evil. It is merely what it is. A learning experience. When a human is having contact with the grays it does not benefit them energetically, but eventually they learn to recognize this and that is when it becomes a valuable lesson in learning to differentiate between expansion and contraction. The best way to help such a person is to augment their energy in such a way that they can learn the lesson faster. If you find that their gray-linked energy is distracting or harmful to your own creative experience, then you must create a new reality for yourself where their energy can not co-mingle with yours, whether that means removing yourself from their life or merely creating a protective bubble around your home so that all gray energys must be “checked” at the door.

Eden, I have been feeling a sense of disassociation, or detachment, from my life and emotions lately. What is going on?

Many people on the planet at this time are experiencing a lack of interest or a feeling of disassociation or detachment from all or part of their lives, to varying degrees. Why? Because you are all shifting. Many of you are quickly transitioning into a new era of being, a higher vibration and a new recognition of what you want and why you want it, and you want it now. As this is happening, some of you are merely experiencing the energetic separation from the old before the new emerges. This is more disconcerting for some, as the lack of interest is very strange to you. It is OK. Let go, and trust your self. Know that you will be taken of. Know that the new is coming. Know that everything you want, is coming.

Why certain people cross you path:

Whenever two souls from the same group meet, it increases the energy production of those souls, and acts as a catalyst for life change and growth. Often, it serves to remind the soul of its life purpose. In fact, many people and animal beings which you humans meet on earth cross your path for this purpose, so that the essence of their energy can amplify a particular aspect of your energetic being. You have made connections! Do you feel the power and energy of source flowing through you?


June, 2009


A Message for June, about the New Earth.

You are heading into a different world. Everything is changing. Some of you are afraid, but there is no need. All who are reading this, all who can read this, will be well. There will be some groups of people in other parts of the world that seem to all eyes to fare very badly, but in reality these people are just checking out of the current reality so that they can make room for a better world, and return when the change has completed. Do the people deserve your compassion whilst they appear to suffer? Yes, of course they do. Do they deserve your pity? No, they do not. All beings on your planet choose their conditions. Not some, all. ALL. Remember this always, particularly when you are feeling as if fate has handed you something you did not ask for: because you did ask for it, you did. And what have you been asking for lately? Do you know? Have you been clear? Have you been consistent? Above all, have you been truthful with yourself, with your self? Be honest about what you really want, and why, and the Universe will make all efforts to align itself with you and your desires. So what is this world that you are heading into? Do you trust that it will be better? Is it not better than 100 years ago, and 100 years before that, and 100 years before that? Trust that the solutions are, even now, presenting themselves, and that all will be well. That is the only state that universe can ever truly be in, one of perfection, so why not allow it fully?

Eden, I enjoy volunteer work so much. What does this mean energetically?

You can shift other peoples’ energies merely by holding a higher vibration. You do not need to lead them in any particular direction, merely hold your own highest emotional level such as joy, gratitude or compassion. When you do volunteer work, this places you in position of compassion, which is a higher emotion.

Dear Eden, it is raining and raining here in the New England, every day for weeks. Why is this happening? What does it mean?

Ah yes, the rain! You are feeling rather wet now, are you not? The ground needed saturating. Mother Earth has decided to decontaminate her soil. She is completing a total replenishment of her groundwater supplies in the Northeast right now. Other areas will get their turn as necessary. This is a tactical, conscious decision on the part of the planet to heal your area right now. And are not most plants very happy? Does not the air smell wonderful? You are experiencing a vast renewal of your extended energy system. Soon, you will feel many of the benefits. Be ready for rapid growth in many sectors in your area, along with an increased sense of well-being among the mass consciousness. You are loved.


July, 2009


A Message for July

Everyone reading this message knows that there is a great awakening going on. You know that the time has come to follow your heart. You know that the time has come to let your mind unfold. Now take a deep breath. And let it out. Let it go. Let everything go. Relax. Relinquish control. Allow your life to unfold as you are wishing it to be. The earth and the sun and the planets are all realigning themselves, cleansing themselves, healing and replenishing themselves. Why not do the same, and trust that when you are finished all will be in alignment, and all will be as it should be? Relax. Take a vacation from your mind. From your fears and your worries and your stresses. Treat yourself to whatever it is that helps you do this. Do something loving for your body, and your mind. They work hard, and they could use a reward. Give them the time and the freedom to come into alignment with the reality you are wanting to manifest… There… Here it is. Blessings~Eden


August, 2009

Please Note: In August 2009 the computer through which Eden communicates crashed. If you did not receive the newsletter we sent out on August 10th, you will need to resubscribe to the mailing list. Thank you!

A Message for August

The month of August is a time for rest. Although it is usually know as a time for the harvest and the completion of many cycles, this year throughout the earth it is a time for regeneration and rest before a new cycle of growth. Much will change in the coming months. There will be new advances, new discoveries, that will herald the beginning of a new era on earth. Your soul is poised in to expand in new earthbound ways. Allow this period of rest so that you can better experience growth when it arrives. Do not fear the viruses and species extinctions, the fires and rains, the many things which your media thrives on. All will be well. You will see, in many ways. Blessings~Eden

Where do crop circles come from and how should we work with them?

Crop circles originate from various locations and energies. Some are initiated by nature devas or spirits, some come from your “alien” parent worlds such as Sirius and the Pleiades, and some come from deep within mass human consciousness. They all act with one purpose. Crop circles activate the energies in a particular place to align with the energies of the message. Crop circles are not composed of letters or even direct symbols that can be categorized like an alphabet, rather they are direct manifestations of a particular thought form or message. The locations where they are drawn are chosen for various reasons: some orginate there so because it is that locale that most needs that particular energy which the circle carries. Some places area chosen because it is know that the circle will be found and circulated in the best fashion. Sometimes humans make the circles and they are deemed fakes. But what it is not understood is that even if the humans making the circle believe they are making up something for fun or a joke, they are actually producing a true and valuable message produced for the beneficial evolution of mankind, directed by mass consciousness for the highest good. There are NO fake crop circles. All are of value. The best way to work with crop circles is to gaze at them. Even a quick perusal of the images will harness their energies and shift your cells to align with the higher message. A longer gazing meditation upon the circle will do even more. The sharing of crop circles in communities is a valuable act for humanity.

On having loving relationships:

The greatest love story you will ever have, you could ever have, in this life or any other, is with your self. The greatest love connection you could ever have is with Source. These are the connections which need to be fostered, and then all other connections will naturally flow and align, all at the proper time and in the proper way.

Ants are plaguing me. What do they want?

The Ant Kingdom is sending you the energy you need to get things done. They will help you re-organize your life in both subtle and meaningful ways. They will help you see that you do not miss everything – they will help you SEE. “We are the builders,” they say. “We are the carpenters and the warriors. Every thing that surrounds you is important, even the littlest things. That crumb you missed there on your counter, so little to you, is part of our winter’s store. Our children will be raised on that crumb. We want to help you.”

It seems much of our society is presently engaged in a fascination with vampires at this time. Through television and movies stories surrounding these creatures seem to be everywhere. Is there any insight as to what may be the reason behind this particular trend?

Dear One,

At this time on your planet there is an awakening. The hidden aspects of spirit are being brought to light, fears are being released and revealed. The majority of vampire texts and stories emerging at this time are showing both the light and dark aspects of this being, a being which does exist on other planes of Earthly reality, but not in yours as it is generally portrayed. The value of this lesson is that it is now being shown that vampires, man’s only natural predator on Earth, are not inherently evil. Many are good in these stories. The fact that they must subsist on blood is part of their physical nature, and not in itself evil, just as the fact that most human bodies require the intake of animal flesh is not evil. The cougar who eats the rabbit is not evil. It is merely living as it was designed to do. Clearly, there is a manner of killing, for all animals, that is in balance with earthly nature, and a manner which is out of balance. And here in these stories of vampires we have vampires which kill for sport and cruel amusement, and vampires who kill only to feed or as necessary. Animals, unless ill or out of vibrational alignment with their true being, only kill to sustain themselves, not for sport, and never because they are “mean.”

Humans, at this time on earth, are also learning to kill humanely: both through the global investigation and implementation of humane and ethical livestock management and with the ever-increasing trend towards global peace and warfare that sheds proportionately less civilian blood than ever before.

Vampire stories in general also mirror and illuminate the dark memories of man from times when you fed on one another for sustenance and power, as well as when you fed on your near-relatives the Neanderthals to the point of their extinction. Only miniscule traces of their blood remains, mixed with modern human blood, from the inter-species spouses who survived quietly here and there. The stories also highlight human fears of all alien entities, both good and bad, seen and unseen. You sense the existence of extra-dimensional beings, and because you can not see them, they are doubly feared. Yet none of these entities are evil – they merely do not belong in their world. Harbor them not, but fear them not. Entertain them not, but hate them not. They belong in your world no more than you belong in theirs. You are of different realms, and in different vibrations. That is all. ~Eden


August, 2009

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A message for the month, about the 9/9/9 September Alignment, the mid-month financial crash some have been predicting and September in general:

Ah, our dear human channel. You almost did not ask about the predicted crash, because you know there will not be one. Do not worry about it. Your perception of your markets is increasing in positivity, and so they will continue to grow. There will be some new discoveries this month, and in the coming months, both technological and political. They will all bring change. The technological changes will bring in a new way of approaching energy and production, and much goodness on earth will emerge because of them. The political discoveries will unveil truths from the past, and there will be much healing because of it. Some anger and sadness as well, but in general humans will recognize that there is an unfolding of the goodness in the world because of these new truths. The 9/9/9 alignment is no more important than many alignments which have been occurring throughout the years. You have had many such alignments over the last few months – almost every day at times. And the alignments will continue to occur with increasing frequency, because the more aligned you become with Source, the more aligned you become with the process of alignment, and the more it happens. The number 9 signals that you are nearing a high state of alignment. Will you be completely evolved? Will you feel complete on all levels? No, of course not. Then you would actually be out of alignment with your purpose as an incarnated human, which is to be continually evolving and creating and growing and improving. There would be no reason for you to be on earth. In fact, if you felt that way, you would cease to be there, and would find yourself back in the realm of spirit most quickly. What this alignment will bring you is a real sense that you have “leveled up” and raised your mass vibration. It will be noticeable to every being on earth, that there is an increase in the rate of your vibration. And yet, you will feel much the same, as if you were always this way, because you have been having similar alignments throughout the summer, and even your life. Do not give up hope, lightworkers, for you light the way for the rest of humanity. The brighter you shine, the easier it is for the world to reflect your radiance. You are blessed. You are well. Your dreams are but an alignment away. Blessings, Eden.