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January 2008


What does the New Year hold for humanity and the earth in general?

This year will see the beginning of a new war, but it will not be anything that will affect you directly. It will become a tool for the politicians of the season to try and manipulate America, but the population has grown savvy and is not likely to fall for party lies or manipulations. In the end, a righteous and just man will be chosen for the job to lead the country, and bring in new social change. Voting will not be manipulated, and the population will be happy with the new president for the full term of his governance. On an evolutionary level, of course humanity will continue to rise. This year should be easier than the last, with a growth in abundance and joy for most people on earth. Humanity is finally becoming adjusted to the faster passage of time on earth, and not feeling so rushed or harassed by the clock anymore. This will reflect itself with greater feelings of ease and joy-FULL-ness.

Eden, tell us about Otter as a messenger.

Otter is a social, not a solitary, animal. Otter is not just about playfulness, but also about having the ability to find, devise, and above all use, all the tools at one’s disposal. Otter never overlooks an opening or an opportunity. Otter swims easily with the current, floats when he wants rest, and can outswim almost anything with ease and joyfulness flowing through and around him. He is flexible beyond the physical, drawing on vast amounts of ethereal energy when he moves. What you humans interpret as “Joy” in the Otter’s being is actually his intense connection to Source Energy, and the feeling that such connection radiates. Because he is thus connected to source, he can flow in and out of reality, through water, earth and air. Energetically, Otter is of fire, not water, and connected to salamander energy. Hence, Otter is an alchemical totem, showing the permutative mixture of fire and water, the perfect mixture of the divine within the physical. Neither eclipses or smothers the other.

What is the green light in these photos coming through the trees with the winter sun behind them?

The green light is a ray of healing energy from the sun. It showed itself to the woman taking the photo to let her know that she can heal herself with the energy of the color green. It will balance her kundalini, and also help heal her heart chakra. Also, it will feed her own healing well of energy, so that she can better heal and help others as she wishes.

February, 2008


Eden, do you have a message for us this month?

This month is the end of winter, and the end of time for letting go of things. It is the time to wrap up loose ends, to finish that which must finish, to release that which must be released. Next month, the earth will be shifting irrevocably to a place where whatever is present will continue to be for some time, a year at least, so if there is something you do not want to continue for a long time, it is time to let it go.

Eden, many women we know have been experiencing small vaginal spasms or twinges lately (some for the last decade). What is going on?

As the earth realigns, your root chakras must also realign in order to receive energy from the earth properly. The earth provides the energy which runs up and down your spine, your kundalini, and if you can not receive the energy, then you will have no kundalini. But this is not just about energy, this is also a physical evolution, of the earth and of the people. Everyone is having these spasms in their sexual organs, but most do not talk about it. Anyone who does not have them at all over the following decades will not survive long on this planet, for they will be as if without food, starved, and die.

Today is the full moon, and there is supposed to be a lunar eclipse. What is this bringing to us?

Lunar eclipses are messages to man that it is the right time to begin anew, to refresh old ideas, to solidify plans (as we spoke of earlier regarding February and March). They are, in effect, New Moons backed by the full growth potential of Full Moons. Voids, clean slates, starting and ending points. Focus on the starting, not the ending, for the ending comes of its own accord when you no longer focus on it. This lunar eclipse is, in particular, a very strong time to begin again, fresh. Focus on what you want, what you really really want, when, and how. Imagine all the details. Be specific. For whatever you put into motion beginning today and continuing into the following month, you will receive and endure for the next year.

Hello Eden, my husband and I are wondering if there are stones or flowers or herbs we should work with to help us through this time of transition.

Yes. Put a malachite stone under his pillow or on his side of the bed, with the daisy flower essence, and for you a lepidolite stone with amethyst and hollyhock essences. Malachite is very healing. It heals all chakras, especially the heart, increases fertility and abundance in all aspects of one’s life, heals the optic nerve and works to regenerate the body. White Shasta Daisy brings out the wild, childlike joy in you. It creates good bonds with children, for then you can see how they see. It restores innocence and purity. Hollyhock Clears and connects all chakras in all the bodies: etheric, astral, physical, spiritual, mental. It allows one’s life path to blossom and unfold as it was intended. Amethyst crystal elixir opens the brow chakra, enhances psychic awareness, and progresses energetic and cellular evolution by transmuting lower energies into higher frequencies. It bestows the peace of the higher self, treats hearing disorders, headaches, arthritis and nerve disorders. Lepidolite is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It has a strong relaxing and calming effect. It brings hope and is a stone of transformation in that it helps one get through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It engenders and enhances self-love, patience, and optimism. Emotionally, lepidolite is an excellent healer. It greatly decreases stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, and other traumas, panic attacks, and addictions. Psychically, lepidolite is used for dreamwork, rebirthing, and is also good for dream recall. Lepidolite is also a protective stone that brings success in business or career. It can also bring a growing energy to gardening and agriculture. Physically, lepidolite is helpful for healing of glands, immune system, skin, nails, hair, DNA, enzyme balance, addiction and alcoholism recovery, pregnancy, childbirth, and general healing. Known as “the stone of transition”, Lepidolite helps shift and restructure old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation.  Lepidolite works with all of the chakras, especially the Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakras.  Lepidolite crystals can help you to open up to receiving higher vibrations from the higher realms into the subconscious, transferring these vibrations into the conscious through the Third-Eye Chakra, and integrating them into the center of truth via the Heart Chakra.  Use Lepidolite for metaphysical work with the Heart and Crown Chakras, and to reduce stress associated with change.


March, 2008


Eden, do you have a message for us for March?

In March you should solidify your goals for the short and long term, because whatever you begin in March will become this year. Whatever you continue to do or be, will continue to do or be. Much headway can be gained by laying a proper foundation this month. Pay attention to idle dreams and wishes, for they will soon become reality in the new manifestation of earth in the coming season.

Hello Eden! Any messages for today? (March 6th)

Hello! The planet is very clear today. Not just your skies, but the vibration, the love, the feelings that are coming from your planet. Everything is moving along very well. Feel at ease. Do not worry about oil prices or politics or your country falling into an economic slump. The news media has become a monster that fuels itself with bad news, rather than reporting on what is truly happening. They need bad news, so they inflate it. More people need to go outside and watch less tv. TV is something that controls mass consiousness, and it is, in general, directed by those of lower vibration, thereby when you watch it, especially the news, the crime shows, the murder shows, the talk shows, your vibration also lowers because the primary vibration on mainstream TV is one of fear. We are not saying you must get rid of your TV but you humans should be more discerning of what you do and do not watch. Your children, especially, should be monitored more closely, for the lower vibrations it fills them with can override the purer vibrations they entered with.

The reality is that your economy is not so bad. The reality is that all three candidates for president are good people with imperfections. They will all govern similarly, and they all have true morals. The reality is that everyone is progressing rapidly on an evolutionary scale and there is no reason to be worrying so much about the present because there is no longer any such thing as a status quo: change is occurring rapidly, every moment, and nothing is lasting long enough to be worried about.

What is up with contrails/chemtrails left by airplanes in the sky? What about Global Warming?

Ah yes, the trails in the sky. You have worried about them quite a bit, and your friends too. They are not anything major to worry about, we say. Your government is trying to slow global warming and also sometimes it sprays them to help cover up parts of the earth so satellites from other countries cannot see what it is doing. There are many secret operations. They are all very silly. There is nothing in these chemtrails that will hurt you or your children. They are not inoculating you against diseases or aliens.

You should also know that global warming does not pose a real problem to most of your people and species on the planet. Any species leaving the planet at this time is moving on to another planet for their continued evolution. All will be well

Excerpt from June 2007: Global warming is not a problem for you where you are in the Northeast US. It will affect certain areas badly, and some animals will adapt and some will not. The climate you have on the planet is not the best climate you can have, merely the one you are most used to. The heat will level out, and more of the world will be like the tropics that your people flock to on their vacations. This is why: the planet is accommodating your desires for a leisurely planet. The hardships of the north, of the arctics, is not vibrationally compatible with the ease which you seek on your planet. The designation of the warming as a crisis is inaccurate, but good in that it spurs on your people to seek better ways of using and creating energy. Soon Free energy will exist within your reality, as it does in ours.



Do we need to worry about the estrogenic compounds or other potential toxins in plastics?

You have surrounded your bodies with many items that are not healthy for your bodies. Some day, this will not be so. But you have always been surrounded by various unhealthy things, and slowly, you figure it out. When you discover something is not good for you, the logical thing to do is either to eliminate its vibration from your vicinity, or to alter its vibration. You can intend for layers of your etheric shell, or aura, to be a filter or shield. When you intend or visualize this enough times, it will eventually become part of yor vibrational reality. Therefore, you can alter your etheric shell to become a more effective toxic screen around your physical and energetic body, so that nothing can reach you without being cleansed of its own toxicity. You can also use the old way of blessing your food and water and utensils with prayer or incense before you eat to purify their energy. For all things are energy, including chemicals and toxins, and can easily be transmuted through the proper intentional manipulation of said energy.

How important is sleep if one reaches a high level of connection to source, positive thinking, and manifestation? I enjoy sleeping, but also enjoy staying up late to work or create? Is there a value in following a schedule of sleep and awake time or to getting the medically recommended minimum of 7 hours daily?

You need to sleep. You need to sleep every day. Your body would benefit from regular hours of sleep, and it is not healthy to sleep little during the week and play catch up on the weekends. Do not spend more energy when you are awake than you are replenishing during the night. Do not confuse energy with excitement, so that when your excitement levels are high you do not sleep at all. You can work as much as you need and want to, but your diet and sleep should not suffer because of it. This harms your physical body, which harms your spiritual and etheric bodies. When you do not sleep enough you are damaging your energy. If you want to be a powerhouse, you need a power SOURCE. You are like a rechargeable battery: your body also needs time to re-charge and download the energy it has received from food to enter into the other levels of your BEING. Sleep. Eat. Do these things deliberately, and with intention. Do them as if they matter, because they do matter. They allow you to Be MATTER. And they allow you to MATERIALIZE. Creation takes energy, and to deliberately create, you must deliberately feed and recharge your creative vehicle: your body.

Does excess weight have any meaning? Some say that excess weight is a protective layer or that it creates some deliberate limitation to optimum well-being or manifestation?

They all correct, in a way. There are different levels and one main reason for excess weight. Excess weight is always stored by the body when it feels that there is reason to fear a lack of energy in the near future. In some cases, excess weight remains because one has drained their power supply so drastically, on such a long-term regular basis, that their body tries to store extra power (for extra weight can be consumed when needed) in an effort to do what they have not. On new parents, the weight appears because the body knows that there will be energy needed give off to the new child. In this era, when more fathers are helping energetically and emotionally with child-rearing, the fathers too are gaining weight during pregnancy. Because fear in the body is a main cause of excess weight gain, one must first begin to lose the weight, and thus their fear, before optimum manifestation or well-being can occur: fear in the body is the problem. Not the weight.

Lately there is much news and many videos about animals with significant ability to understand human language, make tools, choose among shapes and colors those that are different, recognize many faces, learn dressage dancing steps, sniff out cancers, etc. Why has it taken humans so long to recognize that animals are intelligent sentient beings with strong relationships, long memories and a sense of community – or are we just returning to a knowledge that humans once had in much earlier times?

Humans have long tried to differentiate themselves from the rest of the beings on your planet due to a deep-seated fear that as fellow animals they too may return to living wild. The problem has not been that man could not see how animals were like him, but that he did not want to see how HE was still like THEM.

When one is feeling complete when living alone, is there any value to being open to partnering with another?

There is value in all experiences, but we would say that there is much more value in doing something one desires, than what one feels is a duty or a safer path. One should remain open to all experiences, for all times. If one is feeling complete living alone, than one does not to seek a partner, do they? No of course not. One should only seek what one desires at the soul level. Does this mean they should not meet new people and perhaps fall in love some day or want a life partner? No, of course not! Desires change. What completes you changes from day to day, from desire to desire. One day you want fish, the next, you want pasta. One should always read the whole menu at a restaurant, even if you keep ordering the same thing. You never know when you may suddenly want to try the meatloaf, or one of the new entrees.

When creating a vision of partnering, or allowing of partnering, will a long term loving relationship be more likely to come to partners that are quite opposite in persona, values, and desires…or to partners that are quite similar in personal, values, and desires?

If the partners desire and expect to love those who are like-minded, that is what they will receive, and if they desire something else, that, too is what they will receive. You still don’t see that whatever you desire, you can have.

What can you tell us about reincarnation? Why do some religions and tribal cultures have reincarnation as core belief, while others believe there is only this one life?

Reincarnation is real, but not every one comes back to this planet. So for some, there is just this one life. Some leaders have found it beneficial to spread the idea that there is only one life because that helps people focus all their intent on this life, and be more ferocious in pursuing their dreams. Others have decided their tribes would be happier without the guilt and regret that can come from a bad decision that may ruin this one lifetime, and that when one know you are coming back again, there will be time to redeem oneself. Single actions become less important than holistic evolution. It does not matter what one believes, for there are only two goals for souls incarnating on earth: to help the earth and her beings evolve, and to practice the art of creation and physical manifestation. There are endless ways to partake in these goals, and almost all beings on earth are doing so with great success.

If you confirm the concept of reincarnation, is there any sequence, system, or criteria for whether one comes in as a person, animal, fish, insect, reptile, etc.? And would plants also be part of this concept of reincarnation?

Yes, yes, yes, any that is energy can hold the spark of a soul within. You can live within a rock for a time if you wish. Your soul energy can be anywhere in the universe that it desires. It is often in several places at once, and certainly it is never all here on earth. There are many systems for reincarnation, and some criteria, but they are self-imposed by souls. Some souls enjoy following rigid paths of ascent, or staying with classes of species on planets. Others bounce throughout the universe with little planning. To come to Earth, souls have to be accepted into mass consiousness by the sun, who is the overlighting angel of your system. If one does not have the desire to work on earthbound evolution or creative physical manifestation, then one does come to earth. There are other places where one does not have to apply. This is simply one “school” of thought, here where you live.

Physicians generally say that people do not get sick from temperature changes and weather changes, but only from infectious agents. However, people around the world regularly experience becoming ill after experiencing changes in temperature and weather, and even from changes in settings. Is there any value in trying to manage the physical conditions around one, or to being very careful to dress according to the weather? Or is our attitude about well-being the key determinant to whether we experience illness from physical changes?

Reactions to “infectious agents” and weather are all dependent on the state of your physical, energetic and etheric bodies. When you are in a perfect state of being, on all levels, you can not get sick no matter what the infectious agent or setting is. If being cold makes you unhappy, it can also make you sick. If being hot makes you uncomfortable, it can also make you sick. If a strange hotel room is disturbing you mentally, you will also be disturbed physically. It is not so much your attitude about well-being, but your total state of well-being which determines how and when you experience dis-ease. If being dressed properly and being comfortable is important to your mental state, than you should definitely dress accordingly. If you are one of those beings who is comfortable in any state of physical being, then so much attention is not needed. One is not better than the other. It just is.

My heart is sad to think about how global warming is changing the ocean temperatures and the food chain for its aquatic life, and how it is affecting the ice caps and the animals that live on the ice. And as I see development, I am always saddened to think of the loss of habitat for wildlife. Can you help me to see these changes more clearly and be more easy with the projections of some species experiencing major mortalities and possible extinction?

You humans are so reactive, we enjoy watching you sometimes. It is very silly, and yet also sad to see that you forget so easily what you know in your soul-heart. Extinction is impossible. All exists for all time. You may not see it or feel it, but it is there. Just as every word you utter goes on for all time, so do the thought-forms and feelings of the animals, and so do ALL souls. Do you think that these animals are leaving without a choice? Do you think that they did not help create the world we live in? Again you humans give yourselves more power than the other beings on your planet. The earth is ascending. It is improving. Some species are choosing to end because the experience which they offer is no longer to be relevant on your sphere. Some species are choosing to move to another earth which is similar, but farther behind in its evolution, so that they can help there. Some species are moving ahead and holding the space on the new earth for the rest of you. And some species are simply choosing to move on to other experiences. All life is wild. All life is equal. You humans are tearing down plants and trees to be in your current experience, but new experiences which you can not imagine will blossom out of the manure you create from the dead.

Some people seem to have an ability to have wonderful plants in their homes, but my plants always look rather poorly? Is it simply a matter of them using better soil, more nutrients, just the right amount of soil, proper pruning, regular dividing and replanting, etc.? Or is it that they have an attitude toward the plants that really makes a difference?

Did you buy the plants with joyful anticipation or with deliberate thought? Or, were these plants thrust upon you by the goodwill of others or on someone else’s advice? Did you carefully look between plants of the same species to see the one that created a smile in your heart? If you and the plants are not a good energetic match, they will leave you in the only way they can: by dying and returning in another seed somewhere else, to someone else. Light and water matter, of course they do, just as you need sleep and food, but if the plants were joyous they would survive even poor conditions.

I believe that I sometimes experience genetic memory, and even have some skills that clearly don’t derive from any study or effort in this lifetime? I feel that I can differentiate from those memories that are genetic, versus those that are from past incarnations, versus knowledge provide through spiritual connection in real time. Is this reasonable? What can you tell us about genetic memory, versus memories from past lives and versus knowledge obtained from tapping into source knowledge? How can we optimize our knowledge through these various means?

All knowledge is one. Know with your heart, and you will know what is true and what is not, what is needed now, and what is not. Use your body’s physical clues. Does this knowledge make you feel good? Then it is good. Pay attention to your “gut” for it is your knowledge editor, bestowed upon you by your greater self so that you can find your way on earth.


April, 2008


Eden, do you have a message for us this month?

Be well. Be joy-full. The economy is healing already. Gas prices will rise but they will sink again. A new technology is coming this year to heal the country’s vehicle consumption of fuel. Soon after, other new technologies will arrive. Much is changing now. Many scientists are downloading information in their sleep from other planets and realms, even from their future selves, about what they can do to heal the planet through their area of expertise. On an immediate level, this does not mean much for the month of April, other than perhaps to give you yet another reason to be joy-full and anticipate life on earth where all is full of more happiness.

This is a good month to dream. The world is waking where you are, the earth is shaking off the slumber of winter. It is an in-between time, and the in-between times foster better dreaming and easier communication with the other realms.

If you seek to know yourself, know others. Look to your interaction, the words and feelings which flow between you. This will help you to know yourself.

My friend’s family wants her to go to see John of God for healing.  I’m not feeling that she needs to.  What do you think?

This is not about what you think, or what her family wants. This is about what her mind needs to do in order to release her spirit into space of full health and joy. She is not well because her spirit is not well: she has dark places deep within her that are just beginning to be illuminated. Places of sadness, places of despair and even of residual anger. John of God himself will not be healing for her, but the journey and the sight of so many believers with open hearts would be. She would benefit similarly from visiting any site that is linked to miracles and attended by pilgrims. She needs to believe. She needs to have faith. She needs to suspend her logical, unrelenting suspiciousness of joy, so that she can be joy-full herself. Only then will her healing be complete on a soul level.

Is EFT a useful tool for me to use to create abundance? I find it intriguing, but I am not sure about how I feel about the negative phrase phase of tapping.

EFT is just another tool, but it is a very good tool for making your body feel loved and helping your affirmations penetrate all levels: spirit, mental, physical. The negative tapping can be left out if you wish, but it can be more effective with the negative tapping. In general, you are right, negative statements should be avoided at all costs: but here you are reprogramming from the negative to the positive, and your body knows that. The key is for your positive affirmations to be accurate and fully positive. The positive always outweighs the negative. Do not forget to be joy-full while you are tapping!

We were dizzy and wobbly when we woke up this morning. What is going on?

The planet went through a major shift last night. The older you are, the harder it will be for your physical body to become accustomed to this change. The earth is not wobbling more or less, or spinning at a different rate, but its energetic, magnetic essence has shifted to a higher rate of vibration which effected your equilibrium. Quickly your body was able to adjust itself. Children shifted very quickly. Your body had to calibrate itself to match the planet’s new vibration.

The effect of this new calibration will not be immediately apparent, but it will bring a higher rate of health and well-being on the planet. People will need less food. People will use calories more efficiently, whether they are under- or over-eating. This shift was planned for a couple years from now, but was implemented earlier to facilitate an easier ascension for the masses that are facing starvation now. It is also affecting the animals and plants, and all will be more efficient now, which will benefit both the beings and the planet’s climate and ecosystems.


May, 2008


Do you have a message for us this month?

This month, all will be dreaming. Dreaming their reality, and their in-reality. In sleep, the dreams of the beings on earth will be more vivid. Everyone has the ability to enter the real worlds and dimensions of their dreams, but this month the ability is growing, progressing. This is a natural result of the raising of vibration of the planet. As Gaia shifts and raises her dream, so too will the animals, the plants, even the humans. As you night-dreams become more potent, so will the power in daytime to potentize, to activate ones desires and day-dreams. More than ever, the power to create is within you all.

Hathor cam to me last night and spoke to me of creation. Can we speak of that here?

The great mother goddess Hathor is the ultimate creator. She is shown with two cow-horns on her head, and a sun disc between them. But this is not how these things were always known. She did not become associated with cows until much later in her god-hood, and yet the horns were always there. The horns are not animal parts, but are physical manifestations of the two-pronged approach to CREATION. These two prongs are WILL and INTENT. Without both, there can be no purposeful creation. The “sun disc” between them, is the manifested energy of creation as it takes form, as it becomes. It is a THOUGHTFORM, a thought or idea become reality. One way to help understand this is to visualize the exhibits at a science museum, where they show two metal rods inches apart, and send electricity up between them. Bzzt. It climbs back and forth, upwards between the rods and is released into the atmosphere. Bzzt. So it is with the act of purposeful creation. Thoughts are energy. Your thoughts, channeled up and out through the top of the head with strong will and directed intent, become reality. WILL + INTENT + THOUGHTFORM = CREATION.

Dear Eden, I have been interested in the idea of single purpose-ness, instead of multi-tasking. What is the value in this?

The value in single-tasking is that you are focusing all your will and intent on one idea or thought, and so you are empowering it with a clearer, greater burst of energy. This gives the thought a greater chance at becoming full reality, than if you are multi-tasking and not focused anywhere. However, there are different ways of multi-tasking. One can multi-task by doing many things for short bursts of time, focusing intently on each one at the time, this is the same as single-tasking. The key is to be aware of what you are thinking while you are doing something: for your thoughts and your actions should be as much in tune as possible for the greatest success.


June, 2008

Hello Eden! Do you have a message for the summer?

Oh yes! We have been watching you work work work and wondering when you would remember to play and also to sit and also to connect with us and with the devas on your property – do not forget to talk to them today, for they miss you very much and have much to tell you also.

This summer people will be less fearful of the economy, as the weather lifts their spirits and the devas of the season a working overtime to lift everyone’s spirit. Housing markets will recover, followed by a slight boom in employment this fall. This fall in economy has been necessary, for people needed a push to shift into the jobs that they are truly desiring. Those that did not resonate with their work, “lost” their jobs. They will find new ones, better ones which will resonate better. And if they do not resonate better, those too will be lost.

The presidential campaign will be a thing of joy to watch this summer, as the candidates will fight the media and refuse to use negative campaigning in the way that other polititicians have. The media will be chastised much about this, and also about their treatment of celebrities. This backlash against the media will begin a new age of truthful and positive news reporting. Watch it birthing this summer, as this transformation is just beginning.

I was reading prophecies by No-Eyes from the 80’s which talk of many disasters to befall the earth and humanity. Some seem to be happening now, such as layoffs, foreclosures and weather patterns. She says many times that there is no changing what she saw. Is this true? What do you say of our future?

No-eyes was an old woman of the old ways. She had great sight, and great heart. She saw the future clearly and accurately from her perspective in time. But she was very incorrect when she said that each event she saw would definitely happen, and that the future would not change. The future changes all the time. There is no true “future” to see as you humans think of it, only the present, and the present possibilities or likelihoods. At the time she prophesied, No-Eyes saw her present possibility more clearly than any other psychic of the day. But HER present possibility is not YOUR present possibility. Humanity has created a whole new host of present possibilities. Most are much more favorable to survival and JOY than hers were. Humans worldwide are bringing in more joy every day. Some areas of the world are not excelling at this, but they are trying to catch up, and those that do not will simply fall behind, and fall away.

Is the phoenix rising? Is the earth shifting? Is humanity evolving into a new reality? Yes, yes, YES! There will still be new wars and some accidents as no-eyes spoke of, but the days of mass Armageddon have fallen away to the past, and now much smaller losses of life are expected by those that watch the earth. And we see that every day those too are shrinking. Life is improving. Often you humans take a step back for every two steps forwards, but still, you are progressing. All is well.

Do not fear your future. Be in joy NOW, and you will be joy-full forever.

What do Clematis and Mountain Laurel Flower Essences do? What are they good for?

Clematis Flower essence fights tumors and growths in the body, and distortions of the mind. Ill thoughts, depression, and corruption all benefit from Clematis. Clematis opens the higher chakras in short bursts, re-aligning them with their soul-purpose as they are cleansed. The mental and etheric bodies also benefit from Clematis, allowing miasms and karmic and genetic distortions to be re-programmed and wiped clean.

Mountain Laurel blocks geopathic stress and encourages resilience. It is the essence to use during epidemics and disasters to heal the heart and strengthen the psychic shield. It brings in the protection of the angels. Anytime one is in a new situation and needs a little boost of confidence, this a good essence to use. Wonderful for children or animals suffering from separation anxiety or feeling bullied others.

Message from the Overlighting Angel of Connecticut about Summer Heat and Thunderstorms

The overlighting angel of your state says that she is sending cooler weather soon, and thunder storms to recharge the souls of the humans. She says that you have all been doing too much, thinking too much, and the heat is to slow you all down. She says that now that you are slowing down, finally after many days, she can send the cooler weathers and airs that will bring new thoughts and patterns to your lives. She says that she will alternate this pattern for some time to come, to get you all into the right pattern of relaxation and openness to new ideas.


July, 2008


Do you have a message for us this month?

This is the fruited time of the year, in your half of the planet, and the animals and plants are singing in joy. Why do you humans not join them? Why do you not also raise up your voices and your hearts and sing? The answer is simple: you have removed yourself so much from this aspect of living, that you no longer see it. You go to your large supermarkets and stores, and you do not know where things come from, or when. The availability of produce and product is a wonderful abundant lesson for humanity, but it also has its darker side: you have forgotten what joy there is the abundance of nature and of the fruitful times, and so you do not know anymore what the feeling is that you are trying so hard to recreate on a daily basis. You came far from the fields to the cities and markets so that you would always feel this fruitful feeling, and now you have lost it. In order for humanity to reach its next level of evolution, this feeling must be regained. You must remember what this feeling is. The good news is that your government in particular has spread this lesson to the masses when it sent out abundance checks last month. The bad news is that most people were still to stuck in their own dramas to appreciate and accept the lesson of abundance with grace and with joy. So we would say to those who will hear us: regain this feeling. Pick strawberries. Wander in fields and in parks. Watch the birds rejoicing. Connect with your greater selves, with your souls, and ask them to help you recreate this feeling. Ask the devas and overlighting angels of your areas to send you all the fruitful lessons of joy and grace that they can, and to help you lift your spirits. Be well. Be in Joy.

A Message from the Deva of the Hummingbird Kingdom

The Deva of the Hummingbird has come today to give you a message. Do not be afraid of starting small. Small things often have more power and stamina than large things. Small things can burst into action and be full of life faster than large things. Small things are full of vigor, and joy, just as large things are, and you can grow a small thing into a large thing as easily as a large thing into a larger thing. Seeds are small, but within mere hours or days they can transform into powerful, growing plants that are more than 10 times their size. Know that anything small can do this, just as we the hummingbirds can fly farther than any other in relation to our size. Small things have the ability to hover, stationary, and take off at great speed. Do not be afraid of small things.

Eden, I am getting older and feel I will never finish all I want to do. Do you have advice for me?

You feel as if you are rushed, as if you have to get this work done before you retire or before you finish this life. This belief will not help you finish your work any faster, or any better. You will never finish your work, for there will always be more you want to do. There will always be more that you can do. Your reality has been designed this way by you on purpose, so do not feel badly, and when you feel you are running out of time, remember that there is no such thing as time, except as a tool to help your elemental body translate the energy around you into a physical reality. You have all the time in the world, because you are all the time in the world. There is nothing you can dream of that you can not do, and there is nothing you can desire that you do not have time to achieve. And if you decide you want to come back in another life so you can “have time” to do more, you will. Let go, and enjoy your time.

Eden, I am having strange, pleasurable sensations in my legs and feet, and my whole body is feeling a litle “lightheaded”. What is going on?

You are feeling the kundalini rising from the earth, precisely because you are so grounded and connected to the earth. Wear socks and sneakers for a few days, you will feel better to have more of a buffer between you. Prickly ash will also help you to move the kundalini more quickly.

The earth is in ecstasy. She is full in the creation of her new self, and reeling with joy. Soon, the birthing will begin.


August, 2008


Do you have a message for us this month?

Take your time, humans. Be in the flow. Do not be behind it, or ahead of it, or against it, but with it. Let your body relax. There will be heat this month, and cold, there will be rains and there will be dry winds. They will all be cleansing, and they will all be a natural part of the rhythm of the season. No disasters are befalling you. Only life, and the living of it. Be in Joy. Let yourself be at one with the life you have come here to lead, and let your self be at one with the life you are leading, even if you do not feel it is the life you wanted. Do not worry. It will be. It will come. Will it, and it will become. Have you heard the Earth Mother groaning as she begins her labors? Have you felt the ground shaking even when the scientists say it is not? She is beginning her birthing, a birthing which will raise all beings on Earth to new heights of consciousness. Be peaceful and still, be good babies, and relax. Position yourselves peacefully at the opening of the canal, and be ready for slow, gentle easing into your new world. These labors are only beginning, and will take years. But the early signs are there. She has begun.

What is the purpose of the flower essence, Partridge Pea from Storm King?

What is the purpose of the flower essence, Partridge Pea from Storm King? This is a very special essence which combines the natural benefits of Partridge Pea with the empowered earth and ley line energy from Storm King Park. The energies at Storm King have been enhanced by the man-made sculptures that adorn it, that celebrate it. Partridge Pea from Storm King asked to be made into an essence to show that it is possible to be both sensitive and strong, open and protected at the same time. This is an essence that widens the corridors of communication between Nature and Man, devas and reason. Trying to see fairies or plan a new garden in harmony with nature? Looking to become more at peace with the Earth? Partidge Pea is the essence for you.

I’m fascinated by the healing power of flower essences and homeopathic remedies, both of which seem to contain only a small quantity of physical matter from their source.  I realize that it must be that the vibrational energy of these source materials are somehow passed into the remedies.  Can Eden discuss this with some detail?

Homeopathic remedies and flower essences both contain the vibrational essence of the original plant. Because they are diluted, they work primarily with the spirit of the remedy in tune with the spirit of the consumer, while medicinal tinctures work primarily with the physical aspect of the plant’s constituents to attune the physical aspect of the consumer. Both have valid applications. Homeopathy works to shift one out of physical or emotional disharmony by harmonizing the spiritual cause. Herbal medicine works to shift physical disharmony by altering physical energy and allowing it to receive a better, higher vibration from spirit, thereby remedying the physical manifestation of distorted energy patterns. Homeopathic remedies are strengthened each time they are diluted because the practitioner intends it to be so. This powerful focusing of intent makes the remedy stronger. Also, the more the remedy is diluted the more is become anchored in vibration, rather than the physical, and the more effectively it can work on that plane.

I hear that there is still much research going on by various government military organizations into psychic ability.  Is it true and does this research moving in a direction that can eventually benefit the planet?  Does Eden have some insight to this?

By searching for psychic phenomena, psychic phenomena is being created. Everything that one wants to find or hopes to find is eventually created and manifested on your plane. Soon, you will have free energy. Soon, you will have witches who can fly. Soon, you will have optimal weather every where. So it is with the studies of the government, which mirror movies and books in your culture. Your culture has a predominant yearning at this time for psychic abilities in people, and so they are manifesting on spectacular levels. Your culture yearns for super heroes. These, too are not far behind.

I’m one of these people that eats while standing, driving, walking, as part of my crazy multi-tasking zoom-zoom behavior.  Some say that blessing food before eating makes it vibrationally more valuable and supportive to the body.  Others say that expressing gratitude for the food and visioning it as leading to a perfectly healthy body of perfect weight will eventually help the body to reach its optimum state.  What does Eden advise as a practice or ritual of prayer before eating.

When you run around eating in this manner, food is a hindrance to your flow of zooming. Food is not appreciated. Food is the enemy. Here, for you, this is why eating creates disharmony in your body. Blessing the food before you eat, sitting while you eat, these are merely tools: actions through which one may indicate appreciation for food. You can eat while you run: but you must appreciate the food. You must bring the food into your vibration. If you do not appreciate your food, you bar it from being vibrationally aligned with you, and when you bring it into your body, this creates spiritual and physical tension, which results in cellular mis-creation, which results in fat, diverticulitis, inflammation, indigestion, and a host of other possible physical signs of disharmony.


September, 2008


The process of EFT, wherein one taps on meridians in the fingers or other points, appears to be a body-mind process for releasing points of resistance to positive manifestation and a means of staying focused on the release activity by being physically involved.  Would Eden discuss the process and why and how it works?   Does Eden have any guidance on how to improve upon the EFT process or how to better facilitate releasing resistance?

EFT involves tapping on meridian points, which are also chakra and mini chakra points. They are centers of energy on the body where emotions are likely to be stored. Tapping on them helps them “wake up” or activate, so that they can more easily release emotions or blockages. Further, when one is tapping and talking, the tapping allows one to remain more aware of how the body is reacting to the words that the mind is forcing it to say. So good body sensations are noticed. Bad sensations are noticed. This gets one in tune with the body as it is meant to be used: as a guide and friend that helps the mind stay in tune with the soul. When the mind is NOT in tune with the soul, or when your words are out of alignment with your desires, the you will feel physical comfort. Pay attention to it, and seek words and emotions that make you feel great in your body, then you will get to where you want to go quicker, easier.

I love the butterfly bush and the many gorgeous butterflies it attracts some sometimes over 10 at a time on my bushes, including monarchs.  I have made a flower essence from a deep purple bush.  I have also white and lavender flowered bushes.  Would Eden tell me the benefits of the butterfly bush flower essence, and also whether there is a difference between the white, lavender and purple flowers. 

Butterfly Bush lifts the soul. It nourishes the sweet and innocent side of humanity, and brings unconditional love into the heart. It is a very good essence to use to remember to be as a child, and to be in the moment. It is an especially good essence for children who have been abused or who are prone to being afraid, and it is good for night terrors. All the colors of the bush work on these levels.

It is accepted advice for good health, beautiful skin, weight control and release of toxins that we drink water.  I get it.  But, I don’t enjoy drinking water.  I drink coffee, tea, various drinks..but friends keep telling me that this doesn’t count the same as plain water.  Would Eden comment on what is really good for our bodies and why.

Water makes up over 80 percent of your body. It is what allows you body to function on an energetic level: water conducts the energy of Spirit through every cell of your body. Without water and minerals salts, your cells would not be able to connect with spirit. Distilled, or purified, water therefore is the lest beneficial as it contains no minerals and can not conduct energy. Coffee and teas are not recommended often because they contain constituents which alter your cells ability to harness and hold energy efficiently: they stimulate the cells to use all the energy of spirit in one big push, and then you are depleted. If you must flavor your water, use fresh juices which contain life energy and cellular sugars. The best thing for you is good quality fresh water: spring water or mineral water. Chlorinated water has other bad effects due to the fact that it affects the bacteria in your digestive areas. It does not matter if water has bubbles in it or not from an energetic standpoint.

I have read about Terra Preta and I am interested in using wood ash on my garden and/or land to create better soil like Terra Preta that is loaded with life-giving carbon. But info online is so differeing. What shall I do?

The ash you create from untreated woods you burn is safe to use in your garden, all of them, in small amounts. Add it late in the fall each year. By the time the weater is good for planting, you will have much carbon in your soil, but the acidity will have returned. Do not worry. Your compost, that you also add in the fall, and again in the spring.

Dear Eden, I am soo tired. I feel weak, faint and sad. What is going on? Is it hormonal, or work related, or a psychic attack? What on earth is wrong with me?

Dear Heart. We call you heart because you are pure heart energy right now. And it is hurting because so many are hurting right now, and because you are not used to being so hugely open to so many on such a level. You are opening to Christ-consciousness, to true unconditional love, and during the transistional period it is strange and your body needs adjusting. You will be better soon. Take some flower essences: squash blossom, white daisy and purple hosta. You will feel better. Very soon, we promise.

Dear Eden, I have heard that it is a secret Tibetan ritual for longevity to spin as a child (arms flung wide), from left to right, up to 21 rotations per day. They say it reactivates all the chakras, our energy vortexes in the body, to spin again, nice and fast, and that this keeps us young. Is this true?

The spinning you are doing is good, yes, but for you, a woman, spin the other direction. Only men spin left to right. Women spin right to left.

Dear Eden, Do you have any word for us about the government bailouts that are happening? About the US safety and the market economy? About our fears and our hopes?

Ah, you are all worrying about this money shifting. And yet, you know, as well as we, that the paradigm you had created was false, and serving but a few. This new restructuring is going to make it possible for Americans to have even better lives in the future. This is leading the way to common care for the common good, while stil maintaining individual freedoms. This is not communism or government at its worst. This will, soon, become government at its best. It will be run by a man with a pure heart, who will manage this government takeover in a way that will save the American people from their own greed and turn America into a land that is truly free and truly safe from foreign intervention. Now, there is less foreign debt, which means less foreign danger. Do not worry about anything. You are safe. Your home is safe. You will all be well. Blessings~Eden


A Message for October

This month, the winds are blowing. Many, many things are changing, as you all know. The entire country, the entire world, is shifting massively. Economies are changing. Governments are changing. But most importantly, beliefs are changing. People’s hearts are opening up all around the globe, and receiving the pure love of Spirit. They are healing. They are resolving issues from their past. Loose ends, everywhere, are being wrapped up so that the entire planet can shift gears, and be rebirthed, anew, into something very very different from what you are used to. And yet, when the new earth arrives, you will feel as though you were always there. Do not fear the changes you are experiencing. Do not worry if your moods are swinging erratically or if you feel strange sometimes. Just breathe through these sensations. In, and out. Breathe. Neurons are being activated, pathways in your brains reconnected, chakras opened and widened and added. You are not going crazy, and neither are your friends and family. You are merely changing, as a child to an adult. So there are strange sensations and growing pains but all will be very very well, soon enough. Breath, relax and be in JOY. Feel love wherever and whenever you can. You are blessed. ~Eden

I recently found a website predicting widespread upheaval and disaster on the Earth in the next few years. It’s far from the first time I’ve seen such fear inspiring information and it seems to affect many. It’s obvious our Earth and her people are experiencing changes, it’s just I’ve always believed these changes to be for the better rather than for destruction. Can you please shed some light on these gloom and doom prophecies?

Dear one, We believe that the Earth is no longer in a position where she and her creatures will have to experience such a traumatic upheaval in order to shift to a new, better reality. Right now, the earth is shifting vibrationally at a rate never before seen in this universe. Beings from all stars and planets are coming to watch. Non-physical entities are coming to watch. We are all watching, and learning. Some beings, it is true, work with the fear that some humans possess and try to augment that fear, not from a place of evil, but because they do not possess the ability to feel themselves, and fear is such a strong emotion that they believe they may perhaps be able to feel it if they strengthen it in others. This has not worked. Nor can they feel love, not yet. But do not fear these beings, for you are stronger than any of them, as are all humans. You have immense capacity for love. Jesus and those of his family were all but humans, and they all were able to achieve miracles beginning to be able to do this. To return to your question, we believe that the catastrophic changes predicted by some are no longer going to occur. Yes, there will still be wars, and natural disasters, until the earth has finished shifting to her new vibration, but there will be no Armageddon. That was old information, based on the old rate of ascension that humans were experiencing, Then, humans simply were not accelerating fast enough to outpace the destruction they were causing. But now, they are, and it is something few expected possible, because it has never happened this way before. Some people are still tapping in to the old information. And some people are being guided by entities based in fear – this is where new prophecies of fear and mass destruction are coming from. (For more information on this topic, see the archives from June, 2008, about No-Eyes Prophecies.) Do not fear your life, all will be well.

A message for Halloween and All Soul’s Day, On “Death”

Death is not the end, or the beginning. It is but an exhalation. A breath out. Not your last, surely, and never your first. Do you fear breathing? No. Then do not fear death, not yours or your loved one’s, for it is just the exhalation of the soul. Whenever we create from the nonphysical into the physical, on any level, we inhale, or gather, our energies. And when we withdraw our energy from the physical, we exhale, or release, our energies. When a soul chooses to incarnate in the physical plane, it is like taking a very deep breath: we draw in all the energy that the universe has to offer us, and we concentrate it deeply into one point of light. This small, intense point of light is what you would call the moment of conception, the light of a cell, new life. Just as physical breath spreads the life-giving energy of oxygen through the lungs into every cell in the body, the breath of a soul catalyzes the transformation of one small cell into two, and then four, and then hundreds, and then millions. This one deep drawing in of life energy sustains all of one life. The first breath. And so, at the moment of death, the life energy is blown out, in one final exhalation: both of the soul, and the body. It is that simple. Breathe in, breathe out. You have nothing to fear. You take so very many, many breaths in your time as a soul. Why fear this one half breath, this one exhalation? And when we withdraw our energy from the physical, we exhale, or release, our energies. Be in love. Be in joy. In and out. ~Eden


November, 2008


A Monthly Message for November

Dear Ones, you are so blessed. And most of you do not know it. Allow yourself to be an open receptacle for the energy of the universe. Open your whole self to Spirit. Why live in fear? Turn off your televisions. Turn off your news papers. Turn off your computers. Turn off the gossiping, the fear-mongering. Live your life the way you want to live it. If you hunker down and live in fear and live as if disaster is coming, what do you think will happen? It is as if you are putting a big sign on your front door: “Disaster, come here! Party tonight!” Instead, invite in your blessings. Focus on the good in your life. Focus on the wonderful things you can buy, see and do every day. Turn your eyes and ears away from anything that makes you feel bad, and look to the light. Fill your heart with love, hope and laughter, and that is what will surround you.

Think back on your short history as humans. There is more peace on your planet than you have seen for thousands of years. What are you so afraid of? As your mass conciousness aligns with Christ-consiousness, which we assure you it is doing, and you open more fully to love and joy, so your nervous systems also become more sensitized, and aware of when you are out of alignment with love and joy. And so, smaller disturbances create greater emotional upsets, which translate into societal instability and economic worries. But in reality humanity is, as a whole, much better off than it has been during its recent history. And conditions are continuing to improve every day. There is less war, less starvation worldwide, less disease, less fear. Yes, there are still many pockets of fear. But so much less. Put yourself in your race’s past, and then see your life from their perspective. You are so well, on a daily basis. You are living a dream. Be grateful, and be joyous. Release your worries. Live consciously, and do not allow other people to dictate what you should feel, fear, or believe. Live with your heart. You are blessed. You are loved. All is well.


How can I shift my mental state and change the patterns in my life?

While you are shifting your mental thought patterns, pay attention to what feels good, and what feels bad. What feels nourishing and what feels punishing. Let all punishing thoughts and behaviors go. Release them. Before you go to sleep at night, ask your guides and your higher self to work together to help you release your fears and your negative thought patterns. Ask them to bring you closer to a state of joy. Each night, ask them to help you release whatever disturbing patterns or blockages you have identified during the day, until you get to a point where you are identifying only joy and beauty in your days.

Mouse has appeared as a new totem in my life. What does mouse mean?

Mouse is a wonderful teacher about industriousness and productivity. Mouse is not afraid to take chances. Mouse does not allow family issues to get in the way of productivity and life in general. Mouse embraces all situations. Mouse is tender and small, but not vunerable or fragile. Mouse is able to shapeshift and defy gravity, or gravitas, to overcome all difficulties. Now that mouse is with you, you will feel stronger, more energized, and more adaptable.

It’s easy to understand that as people change, relationships also change.  The mechanics of this are more difficult to live with sometimes.  Sometimes I feel as if people look at me and they have to turn away.  Am I imagining this?  Why is it that people are sometimes seemingly repelled by an evolving soul?  It would seem the opposite would be true, and yet. . .In relation to this, can you tell me anything about the transition time where the old falls away to make room for the new?  I do my best to be optimistic about these shifts, and yet I often find myself a bit lonely and confused. 

When someone, or something, is not in alignment with your vibration, and you are not in alignment vibrationally with it, and you are open enough in your heart consciousness to not be concentrating on that misalignment, but rather concentrating only on those things with which you are aligned, then that someone or something will cease to be present in your reality. This is not a case of it being repelled, but of it being attracted elsewhere vibrationally. It does you no good to be surrounded by things or beings which are not vibrationally aligned with you, and it does not better them, either. All souls are evolving. To believe that one’s soul is more evolved than another is always erroneous. For evolution is like a circle, and there can be no one soul that is further progressed than another on a circle. You are merely in different places. Souls, particles, energy: all is attracted to that which is similar to itself. Sometimes, when a soul is excited about its progress and the new things it has learned, it may try to push or attract other souls into alignment with itself: this is also an error, for souls can only be allowed to come into alignment. Never pushed or pulled. This is all a very natural and easy process, when one allows it to progress in its own time and manner. Do not push or pull. Just be yourself. Be at peace. Let your own light shine, and let the light of the world shine around you. All will be well.


A Monthly Message for December

Dear ones, please do stop worrying so much about your economy, your country and your world. Live as if all is well, because all is well. If you live as if there is a crisis, then you will be one of those beings who is helping the world to create a crisis. If you live in fear, then you are creating fear. If you live in sorrow, you are creating sorrow. If you live in joy, you are creating joy. Which would you like to create? Your energy is like a stone thrown in a pond. It ripples throughout your community, throughout the world, affecting everyone and everything. When you are sad or fear-full, your energy spirals downwards, and your entire face and demeanor change. Everywhere you go, subtle and not-so-subtle body and voice signals let others know you are miserable. And the downward spiral of your energy tugs on all but the strongest of souls, pulling their energy down, and casting a mist of fear or sadness upon them as well. And then they spread this fear too, and so on, and so on. Fear, sadness, misery, hopelessness, these are all debilitating, viral emotions. But did you know that joy, hope, confidence, and expectation are also viral emotions? Wouldn’t you rather germinate these emotions in others? Would you not prefer to plant seeds of joy that will spread and grow throughout the world? This is where the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world” leads you. Throw a stone of hope or joy, and see where those ripples lead to. Be ever vigilant of what stones you are throwing in your pond. There will be “disasters” this month. There will be places where people die suddenly, and other places where more fighting breaks out. But there will be so many more places where love and compassion are spreading and expanding. Your news people will not report these places, because they do not know how to recognize “news” when it is positive. But it will be happening. Look for love wherever you go, and be like a gardener, help it grow. Blessings~Eden

Do you have a message that people can send friends or family when they are ill, whether it is a disease or a small cold?

Certainly. Here you are:

Dearest beloved spirit. You are one with all of creation. All of creation loves you, and feels empathy for the state you are currently in. Love is pouring in to you from all sides, from above and below, from North east West and South. From deep inside you, your soul is sending you love, and from the farthest reaches of your galaxies, the arms of Spirit are reaching out to embrace you with love and expectation for a swift recovery. Open you heart and your mind to the love that surrounds you. There is nothing for you in the world of fear, in the world of sadness, in the world of depression. There is nothing for you in the words, thoughts, and deeds of negativity that will bring you comfort. Do not engage in acts of negativity. Reach for the light, in your heart and your mind. Reach for those people who would bring you comfort. Watch movies that make you laugh. Remember times when you have been happy, and imagine the things that would make you happiest right now. Allow yourself to feel these happy thoughts in the fullest sense, and soon, they will become your reality. You are a heartbeat away from recovery. You are one breath, one smile, away from pure love, and there is nothing that pure love can not or will not heal. You are one with Spirit, and Spirit is one with you. You are much beloved. Be in love, and Be in Joy. Enjoy life! Be at peace, and be joy-FULL. All will be well. ~Eden.

Eden, have you a message for the business people who are afraid?

Fear! What is fear but the expectation of something bad that is going to happen to you? Do you not realize that your thoughts have magnificent powers? Do you not yet know that what you expect and believe is what you will create? Be not afraid. Be confident. Do not give in to those that would peddle fear among you. Be ever vigilant and ever joy-full in your knowledge and belief and EXPECTATION that the world is forever improving. You chose to be alive now so that you could experience vast improvements in the quality of life on Earth. Do you really believe that you are all failing? Do you really believe that you came here to help the world decline? Of course not. Your world is shifting, and things are changing. That which is no longer relevant will fall away, and that which is needed will improve. Do not fear this time of change, but be full of anticipation instead, for what new things will come. This is an EXCITING time! Be excited! You are all blessed, and all will be well. Do not believe anything else. ~Eden