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May, 2007

My name is Eden. Feel me, breathe me. Touch me. I am the one they call love, the one who burns with a thousand flames. A million mothers pray to me, and still I call home to the one you call god. What would you like to know?

This is a channeled writing and you will know much now. There will be books and books of pages if you want them.

What do you want to say tonight?

You are the one who I have chosen, the one who will bring my message to the masses and who can hear my words as your own. You are a gift, a great woman who has the power to heal and cry and love and I am all those things too and we will be together as one to write a message of truth to the world. The point (for you just asked in your head if there is one) is that you can bring truth, or a new reality of greatness, to the world. I would like to help you do that, as we talked of when you were just a star seed.

What are crop circles?

Crop circles are the key to the universe, but you have yet to find the doorway. Your people on your planet still live in fear and pain, and are not ready to use the circle yet. But still we, the souls not with you, come back and paint them in your fields and lands for words and symbols are power, and as the symbols are shared the people rise in power. You cannot translate the symbols for you have not the true words which are rooted in joy and love. But you can and should study them in a relaxed state, and enjoy their powers.

There is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more there is more….

You are our channel and we want to you to ask questions. But we also want to tell you to walk in joy and without fear and to breath breathe breathe when you feel you can not.

There is only us now, and you and we wish to speak through you to you with you. We tell you know that there is life after death and in death, that at once when you die you are alive, and reborn and alive as you have always been and never remembered when you were in physical form when you sat quietly and tried to remember you thought you did but you did not. You have not imagined the wonderful aliveness that is your very being, you have not accessed it in your waking hours. But it exists all the same. You continue forever and ever and can not be destroyed, not a single atom of you, not one iota. Your consiousness continues and expands for ever in a way that your present realm of consciousness, physical you, can not fathom.

You think you understand this, but you do not. If you did, you would not worry about time or money or death or loss. These things are fiction, not real. You have only life, and life leads you to live.

There is more. We hear you hear in our world our realm our division from you, like we have never been apart. We are not incarnated now, but we have been, and we know the difficulties you face on your world, and others on theirs. But you have chosen these realms to live in, and this is where you learn your great lessons, and create great and beautiful magics. It is where you create love and life from nothingness. Where you breathe light and feel love in every cell of your core fiber. You are light. We are blinded by your radiance, as you are when you look at the sun. We revel in your creations, and we want to help you to grow and grow, and we have promised you that we would.

We love you.

The light is only light, there is no dark and there is nothing to fight against. Go with love, go with nature. It takes you where you need to go, everytime.

June, 2007

What message do you have for us this month?

There is a light coming from the stars, the supernova, which will touch us all.. The physical and the non-physical, we all feel the coming light which is here to raise consciousness and connect the two realms together more clearly. More will be illuminated, more will be felt clearly, with this new light. We want you all to know that there is nothing to fear. We want you all to know that the world you live in is a paradise, filled with all the joy and love and laughter you need if you will but allow it to fill your life and being. You are loved, you are whole, and there is nothing outside of yourself that can change that.

Feel the love you felt when you chose your body to incarnate. Feel the joy you felt when you were ready to be born. This is a time of creation and miracles, a time for gods to walk the earth, co-creators every one of you. There is not another way to be, just a way to not BE. Love yourself, and you will feel the light approaching.

What is the meaning of the Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora Borealis is a diminutive form of the supernova, of the consciousness-raising light, of the god-form direct that inhabits you all. It is there to remind you humans, always, that you have come from the light and are of the light and that you can create such miracles and beauty such as the play of lights on the snow, both in physical though-form creation and in your hearts. There is much, so much, for you to do on your planet: go do it! Create! Laugh, live, cry and be at peace. Love love love. There is nothing else for you to do but give and receive love and feel at one with your true self.

Is there some more information on crop circles?

YES! And let them know that crop circles are not a threat, or a warning or anything to fear, but that we have shared them with you because you asked us to help you remember what you knew before you were born there in your physical reality. These messages are keys to your forgotten past, your heritage, your birthright. Slowly, they help you become that which you have wanted to be.

What about Global warming?

Global warming is not a problem for you where you are(Northeast Connecticut). It will affect certain areas badly, and some animals will adapt and some will not. The climate you have on the planet is not the best climate you can have, merely the one you are most used to. The heat will level out, and more of the world will be like the tropics that your people flock to on their vacations. This is why: the planet is accommodating your desires for a leisurely planet. The hardships of the north, of the arctics, is not vibrationally compatible with the ease which you seek on your planet. The designation of the warming as a crisis is inaccurate, but good in that it spurs on your people to seek better ways of using and creating energy. Soon Free energy will exist within your reality, as it does in ours.

My baby has Lyme’s disease. Tell me about Lyme’s, and if I should I treat my lawn with diatomaceous earth?

This dis-ease began in the rats outside of the doctors’ places, and is a karmic debt being repaid to humanity for experimenting on their bodies. The new generation are being born without karma, and so the disease is not for them what it is for you and the older generations. The older generations are hit the worst, with the bulk of the guilt being upon them. They knew they should not continue to mistreat animals the way they have, and yet they did not stop. Their guilt brought them this disease. It began with the affluent who had relinquished their liberal ideals in favor of gold and desires. It is not something sent from god or a retribution, but something invited in by humanity to burn off mass guilt. Your son in particular has manifested this illness now in a not serious form so that he will build a natural immunity to it for the rest of his life. He will not suffer after effects from this dis-ease, for he is at ease. Some young adults and children manifest this illness as a way to punish parents for their own denial of preached ideals. And many adults merely expected it someday to come to them as a natural outcome of thier daily activities, and so it does. Fear and expectation are too vehicles through which the disease travels. Young children, who are CONCIOUS, as your son is, may also CONSIOUSLY manifest the dis-ease in a mild form as they have been taught to do by the adults who discovered and utilized vaccinations. Like cures like, and the new generation is particularly well attuned with homeopathics. Do not treat your lawn, the beneficial insects will not thank you. Instead, smudge your yard, and keep it trim. Call in the devas to help you.

I would like to know about the Akashic records. What are they. How do I access them?

The Akashic records are here on our plane for all to see and access. They contain all the information of all the planes of all the times of all the beings. There is nothing we can tell you that is not in these records. They are the seamless collection of all thoughts and deeds of all conscious beings. All that has been, will be, and is, is contained in the records. They are an invisible library, the mass consciousness of the universe, of all. You can access them through your thoughts, but you do not know it. For know, if you wish, you may ask us anything and know that we have the records at our fingertips, that we and the records are one, indivisible in our non-physical reality.

JULY, 2007


A message for this coming month?

The days are getting shorter by your reckoning by the sun, and time begins to pass more quickly on your planet as there is less of a buffer between what you think and what you manifest or create. This buffer or lag of time existed so that you would be less likely to create those things which you did not mean to create consciously. With each new year of babes born on your planet, there are more and more children, and people, who remember what they came here to do, and how to go about deliberately creating it. Therefore, the need for a long lag time between when the thought to create occurs, and the manifestation of that thought occurs, is no longer needed. So many of you feel as though time is speeding up. Concurrently, some of you notice that while time seems to pass quickly, there are many days when every thing you meant to accomplish, you do, in a shorter amount of time, and with more ease. This is also a manifestation of conscious and deliberate creation, for when you create consciously, the universe conspires to aid you. Things happen with ease. Life flows more easily.

Our message to you then, is to be joyous in your daily intents, to think only those thoughts which make you happy, and to then be joyous when those thoughts are manifested. When un-joyous thoughts manifest, do not despair, for joy is still but a thought, and a moment away. Focus on the joy, and the rest will un-manifest itself.


I would like to know how you are connected to Abraham (The beings channeled by Esther Hicks). I would like to know more about what your teaching agenda is.

We are not Abraham, and yet we are one. We are all connected, we can see all, hear all, know all. Abraham is the same as us, in the same dimension, in the same plane of existence and we exist the same way. We believe the same things, we KNOW the same KNOWABLE KNOWLEDGE. We are a different collection of soul groups, and yet we can connect and be one with Abraham’s souls when and if we wish. Sometimes we do. Generally we do not. We are learning different things right now, teaching different things right know, speaking to different paths right now and so we remain separated during these moments.

Our teaching agenda is to enlighten you and those you know and those you do not yet know further and higher. We have agreed to come to you in this lifetime to teach you all we can about how to raise your vibration and increase your life span and your evolutionary potential. There are many things we also can talk to you about that are not directly related to these agendas for we are happy to answer all questions and all questions ultimately lead to the ONE. The one truth, one way, one reality.

I am interested to know if these source entities are “non-returners” in the traditional buddist sense, who like Buddha achieved a certain level of enlightenment that they could go to “nirvana” after many lives and not return. Buddha decided to return and teach as a prophet, using his past lives as his form of teaching various virtues.  The Buddhists believed that Christ was a prophet like Buddha.  And the Muslims believe that Mohammed was the same…a prophet.

Is this concept of non-returner the essence of what is called prophet?  Did Kahlil Gibran channel the text of The Prophet from source entities like Eden and Abraham?  Will some of these source entities (angels ?) come back to physical reality to be prophets, or simply to live another physical experience?

I have often wondered whether spiritual entities come back in different forms, or do they stay in one type of form.  For example, do animals come back only as animals?  Do people come back only as people?  If they change form from life to life, is there a hierarchy like the Hindu’s believe of improving or regressing in status?  Or is there simply only a variety of experiences, all of equal potential with no hierarchy?

What are orbs?  I have a couple of photos of unusually large orbs or balls of light near the ground where my dogs have just chased after something, but nothing is physically there.  I have also seen them in photos taken at celebrations, weddings, and spiritual gatherings. Are the dogs seeing the orbs and chasing them, or are the large orbs the luminous bodies of animals that are in that area.  Would that then mean that the smaller orbs might be the luminous bodies of other animals, such as birds, that are in the area.  Perhaps luminous bodies floating out of the body in the sky above the birds?

The souls who speak through Maya and Esther are not all non-returners. If there were, Maya and Esther would not be on Earth, for they are connected to those souls, at one with them when they speak. Many souls advise prophets when they are on Earth, and many return. Often, we choose to do so to keep our knowledge and advice sound and current with your reality. As Maya has learned before, Lorraine was a soul that advised Christ as a “greater self” when he was incarnated. Maya was Simon, and advised Christ on Earth and worked to save him from the Crusifixtion. Prophets are no better than other humans, the only difference is that they have remembered what they knew before they incarnated, or that they are able to hear their guides and greater selves more clearly than the rest of you humans.

As Maya also knows, animals and humans are the same. They are not different soul groups, they all come from the same place, and yes they can cross over between species. They often do not, but this is because the souls are particularly attuned to particular species vibrations.

The orbs you see are not nature spirits per se, or animals either. They are soul pieces sent to earth to watch over the planet and different physical activity. They are pieces of souls like us, and like you, which allow us to SEE what is going on in your physical reality. They are not wholly un-physical, which is why you can photograph them, but neither are they incarnated or tangible. Some are higher or greater selves, some are guides, some are visitors. Some play with the winds and the plant kingdoms, and are what you would call your nature devas. They are all related to source. They are all ONE. You are all ONE. We are all ONE. We are all together all the time in all ways, you have but to see and hear it.

Eden has mentioned that some orbs are guides and some are nature divas, but I do not really understand what a nature diva is.  Is a nature diva the same as a fairy or gnome?  If fairies and gnomes are different from nature divas, would Eden please explain what they are and how I could learn to see them?  Do they have a role in our lives, if they exist, or are they simply living their own lives?

Nature Devas are the elements, the creative energy of nature, that which keeps nature flowing and in flow. They work and play with the chi of the Earth, and they ARE the chi of the earth. They are many things. They keep the plants growing and the flowers flowering and the wind blowing and sometimes they ARE the wind and the plant and flowers. They work with the rocks and sometimes they ARE the rocks. Some powerful devas and groups of devas have named by humans GODS and NYMPHS and SYLPHS. Sprites and fairies. Many fairies work with the devas and are ONE with devas but they are not always the same thing. In the beginning the fairies and gnomes were creatures just like you and the animals. No different. But they chose to become less physical than your physical and more than our non-physical. They had interacted with the orbs and devas and decided that they wanted to incarnate as beings closer to that. So they are on a very high vibration, almost impossible to see, like the orbs, for most humans. But they ARE there. Nothing you do can harm them, for they exist next to you, but not with you. They play with the elements and the orbs but are physical enough that they can enjoy the physical aspects of your reality as much as they wish and choose. Thus the stories of their very long life spans, for time takes very little toll on their light-bodies.

Eden seems to imply that the orbs are observers.  The orbs seem to come when called, and seem most evident when I have been drumming or am very present in the moment and asking them to come.  Often the first few photo flashes at night have no orbs, but then they seem to rush in.  Are they simply curious about flashlight, or do they respond to my calling.  I am feeling that they are responding to the calling, with a desire to reveal themselves.  I am also feeling protected and reassured that we are never alone.  But, mostly, I am feeling LOVE.

Yes, they will come sometimes when called, and also if they feel the presence of joy, laughter, passion. Both Orbs and Fairies enjoy LIFE. Most fairies are filled with LOVE. Some are not, and play tricks and meddle too much. Hence the warnings in your fairyfolklores. All orbs are filled with love. They are watching, observing and partaking. There are many ways of beings and orbs, just as there are many ways of being human.

Not everyone that is photographing the same scene obtains orbs in their photos. Is it possible that the orbs decide whether to reveal themselves, based on the person doing the photographing, or is it simply a technical difference between cameras.

It is not the orbs choice to reveal themselves, they are always there to see, but rather the viewers level of vibration to SEE. Some do not wish to, or are not ready to, cpnsciously or unconsciously. The photos capture what you are seeing inside, even what you do not KNOW you are SEEING.

My dreams of flying are so real and so often that I feel that I can fly. Many people say that flying is an out of body experience.  But to me, it feels very different than projecting oneself out of the body on a journey to another place. I have not had the sense of flying during non-dream time, but I hold the belief that I can fly.  Is there any value in trying to manifest flying in non-dream time?

There are as many ways of flying as you can think of. They are all valid and equal. Different people choose to fly different ways. Few choose to fly these days in your reality. This is all due to fear. You can fly if you want to, but it takes great belief and great expectation. There is value in ALL that you choose to manifest. No manifestation is more valuable than the next. Create and be joyful, that is what you came here to do. If flying will bring you joy there is great value in that. Flying in your reality would also show you the truth that you can create all that you wish to manifest. That belief would be more valuable than anything else.

What is the story about Poison Ivy?

A long time ago, poison ivy was considered a power plant. It was used by people throughout the Americas much like tobacco, smoked for hallucinations and healing ceremonies. As it gave the power to see the future, it was used wrongly, and because of it many battles were won and many died, and so the poison ivy transmuted itself to give rashes, so that it could no longer be used. It can not be smoked, or taken internally, in any form other than homeopathically. The more you have killed in your past lives, the more sensitive you are likely to be to poison ivy. Those who never killed are totally immune to it. It is not a punishment, but rather a booby trap. The more the wars of America rage, the more the ivy grows, and grows. It is good in this climate, and humans are encouraging its growth in preparation, to remind themselves in the future to kill less, and not at all.

Tell me about Firing the Grid.

Enough people today on 7/17 have fired the grid that the Earth is going to evolve on a more even level and more gently. The largest impact this will have will be on the global climate change, which will be much more easy of a shift. Humanity continues to evolve. This was happening without the Firing, but the firing has helped the shift happen more easily, it has FIXED mass intention.

Tell me about Mariam (AKA Miriam) stone.

Mariam stone contains the wisdom of Moses and his family lineage. It goes back even further, to the first peoples. It contains the earliest scripts and stories, and is a stone of Power to be downloaded by you and others of their lineage.

August, 2007

Eden, Can you tell us more about devas, and overlighting angels?

Devas and angels watch over the land and the earth. They play with the wind and the trees, the skies and the waters. Devas are more intimately involved in the workings of the nature of the earth, it is they that the fairies and gnomes patterned themselves after when they decided to become less physical, and more non-physical, and to become more ONE with the energy play of the earth and the devas. Devas have been called nature spirits, sprites and sylphs for many years. Overlighting angels are a bit more removed. They watch. They help channel energy to the areas they watch. They speak with the devas and feel empathy for all living creatures in their area but they do not intervene on a physical level as much as the fairies or the devas. They will and do help the devas and the humans clear negative energy from areas when they are called in, and they do help connect humanity to Source. But they do not shift the winds or the rains or the sun or make the plants grow swifter or taller. That is the work and the play of the devas and the fairies. Every piece of earth has an overlighting angel. Some watch small areas of earth, and some watch very large pieces of earth. Most pieces of earth have several overlighting angels watching over them, at different levels, feeling different levels of connection and inter-personal connectedness. So, as your home or street has an overlighting angel, so does your city, and the general area of your state, and the area of your country, and also your entire country. Your entire planet has an overlighting angel called the Sun, and also the Moon.


On Sleeping and eating:

Food is ENERGY. If you want to be a powerhouse, you need a power SOURCE. You are like a rechargeable battery: your body also needs time to re-charge and download the energy it has received from food to enter into the other levels of your BEING.

Sleep. Eat. Do these things deliberately, and with intention. Do them as if they matter, because they do matter. They allow you to Be MATTER. And they allow you to MATERIALIZE. Creation takes energy, and to deliberately create, you must deliberately feed and recharge your creative vehicle: your body.

I am interested in the information developed by Michael White’s research, some of which is detailed from thousands of soul regressions in “Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of Souls”. He reports that most regressed patients report soul cluster groups of 3 to 25 souls, all of which are essentially soul mates. 

He is both correct and also missing some information. All souls have core groups that they are in, but they move between groups, and share groups. Imagine if you were to draw three circles, all overlapping in the middle. This is how soul groups are all interconnected. So that some people from one soul group are very connected to some others in another group, and these people feel much like they are from one group. But others in the groups are not sharing this emotion, or connectedness. Only those in the overlapping areas.

On Karma:

We would like you to know that karma is not a binding system, that you can be as free from past lives and past injuries as you want to be. You can clear your karma with pure intent in an instant, with just a strong and simple statement of WILL. We would like you to know that you do begin each life with a fresh slate, and that your memories from other lives are just that, memories. They are not part of this present moment.

Release, and be free.

September, 2007

Are there any messages for us today or in this moment?

There are many things shifting right now. After the 11th many things will be clearer for many people. There will be heartache and joy, but the value in all experiences will be clarification. There is much to be joyous about. Be EASY. Let go. Do not worry so much, all is coming of its own accord, you do not need to fight for it. We would like you to be easy, and to know that you are loved, that all is one. You have but to trust and to ALLOW your selves to remain open and receptive to the love of all: the love from source, the love from each other, the love from those around you. Love is waiting to pour in from all around you: do not hold it at arm’s reach. Allow it to come in. After this September 11, many people will have shifted to yet another new level of consciousness, and this art of ALLOWING should become much easier for you, just as it will for many others. The change that was begun on the eclipse of the Full moon will culminate during the solar eclipse on the new moon on the 11th, and great and small changes will begin to truly take effect. Much will become clearer, and easier.

When you write about intent, I am confused. What is intent, what does it mean?

Intent, or will, is the most important thing you can learn in this lifetime. In any situation, your intent is always what will determine the outcome. When you are clear about what you want, and do not dwell on that which you do not want, you will always attract that which you do want. There is no difference between what you intend, or will, and what you receive. That which you fight against, you only make stronger: far better then, for you to focus your intent and will upon that which you do want. Know what you want, and then allow yourself to receive it. Expect to receive it.

Do not worry about how to make what you want happen. Just be clear in your heart about what you desire, and trust that the universe will help you manifest that desire in an easy and expedient manner.

Good books for to read about this are “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay and the “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham.

Do not focus on that which makes you unhappy. Do not participate in conversations which make you unhappy or fear-full. Change the direction of your thoughts and words towards the light, and the dark will recede. Do only those things that make you feel joy, love, and fulfillment, and you will soon see the world around you begin to change to meet your desires, and to bring you more joy.

Speak to me of evolution. Where are we headed? How do we vibrate better?

You are evolving always. As a creative being, one can never stop evolving. It is what you are. You can vibrate better by intending to do so! You do so, and so you do. We love you. Love yourself too.

I have been reading several books about sweat lodges and their construction and I don’t see that its necessary to do it the way the Lakota do it and I am wondering if a more modern construction with sauna stones will also work?

Intent is everything. The strength of your will and the intention behind it is all that determines the outcomes of your ceremonies. If you believe that you need a particular construction, than you will. If you do not, than you don’t. You create your reality and thus you can create a sweat however you wish. There is only your desire and will to take into consideration. If you need to do particular rituals to focus your intention, than by all means do them. Play with it. Enjoy it. The world is yours to do with as you will. Do not be beholden to another’s world, or their will.

What is the difference between angels, cherubim, or seraphim?

This is another example of getting caught up in definitions and orders from another’s reality. We are all one. And yet we are all unique. As there are many many peoples on your planet, shapes and sizes, beliefs and desires, there are also different color of souls, sizes of angels, everyone chooses as they WILL, when they will. Desires change often, and everything is constantly changing. Do not worry so much about categories, for no souls or energies stay one way for very long. We all evolve, and change, and flux, and yet we all are the same, and we are all one, and from one, and to one.

In your question, all are angels. Different sizes, at different times, and none exist the same way that they did when those words were created. You can read books referring to the ancient texts, but it is better not to focus upon the past when you strive towards the future.

What about the seven mansions defined by Saint Teresa and worked on now by Carolyn Myss?

Carolyn Myss has appropriated the seven mansions for her own work, and changed them to her own understanding, as have the people before her. The seven mansions are just seven of many. There are many more mansions, one for every imagining, just as there is a temple for every purpose and moment in the spirit realm. In each generation, one tries to access the seven mansions, and redefine them, but few have realized the limitations they are placing on themselves by focusing on the few, and closing out the many. They bring good work and new information that is appropriate and accessible AT THE TIME: good information. But they have all missed much other information. So we would say to read her book, enjoy it, and then to forget it. To open yourself to MORE.

In the photos of the orbs of different colors and sizes, does the color or size signify anything?

The color you see is not necessarily the color the spirit chooses, but how that choice is translated into your eye-color spectrum. Generally, the colors in your spectrum relate to the frequency on which the energy is traveling. They do not have particulr meanings, just as the sizes are generally meaningless, much like the different sizes and colors of your own peoples: it is merely a random preference of the being at that time of incarnation. Overlighting Devas are more likely to show as larger orbs, and fairies and local nature spirits often show as small orbs, but they can be any size, and often are.

Is there a connection between color of the aura of spirit and level of advancement?

No. Merely preference. Certain areas of spirit use color as a uniform, but they can also change their colors. It does not signify advancement, merely that they are choosing to be in the realm of that color at that time. There is far more freedom and far fewer rules in the realm of spirit than your humanity is capable of fathoming at this time.

What is the “smoke” in some of my orb photos?

The smoke in the photos is the ether, which is usually only visible on the ethereal plane, which your mother was connecting with at those moments. Not an entity or her guide, but the plane that her guide and some beings materialize from. She was “seeing” beyond the orbs.

What is the significance of mandalas?

Mandalas are a way to access spirit. Much like celtic knot work or labyrinths, they help lead the mind out of ordinary reality and into the sight of spirit.

October, 2007

Dear Eden, Last night, after listening to the interview of the author of the new book on orbs, I decided to try what he said, which is to go out nightly and take pictures in the same place, night after night, and then ones eyes would shift to be able to “see”.  As I have been feeling them, but not seeing with my eyes, I thought I would start.  I actually did have the sense of seeing, but it is just beginning.  I always see their glittery reflection from my flash, but last night I kept seeing a line of light near me.  Then it came into the photo.  I thought I must be holding the camera incorrectly or the lens was dirty, so I went inside to clean it and came out to begin again and keep my fingers away from the flash. Below one sees the early photo of the line. Then later one sees a series of unusual photos.  The line has segments of color that keep shifting from one color to another.  I still wondered if my camera was acting up, but then the line went partially behind a leaf, and it became clear that it is an actual thing…..but WHAT????

Ah, you have photographed a traveler, a more rare occurrence as one never knows where they will be or for how long. Travelers are those beings which are not really visiting or observing, but just passing through this dimension very briefly on their way to other planets and places. Much like K-pax, they ride the light. The traveler probably did not even know you were there, but was just waiting in his appointed spot for the next ray of light to carry him on his way. This light is not sunlight, necessarily – it can be cosmic light from any direction, any spectrum. Often it is light which is invisible to you humans. That is why the image itself is so radiant and shimmers like a spectrum of colors, because to ride the light one has to become as the light.

What is that blue triangle in Kathy’s pictures and the blue light on the trees?

The blue triangle is the merkaba people, the blue triangle beings that have volunteered to help the deceased pass along to their next point of light. They are clearing the atmosphere of the soul debris left by the many souls which are choosing not to reincarnate again on earth. This clearing is helping lighten and lift Earth’s vibration. The light coming from the trees is their essence, and their energy. It is the way that the way that universal energy, seen by some as a blue light grid covering all things, of which ley lines are just a part, is translated into photos. Moving, vibrating, so fast, it blurs.

November, 2007

Do you have a message for us this month?

You in your country and on your planet have surrounded yourselves with images of lack, with ideas of fear and hardship. A small percentage of you in what you call “developed” countries have ascended enough to begin to shift yourselves out of that circle of hardship, but still you fear that all will end. People talk of the end times, of global warming, of hunger elsewhere, of the poor and the stricken. Yet no one is poor, no one is stricken. They only feel so. ALL have incarnated into the areas they chose when they were but spirit, and all can arise and shift their vibration at any moment they so choose. You are, at every moment, EVERY THING. You are, at EVERY moment, able to BE any thing. Fear not the lack of fossil fuel, or the rise in prices, or stricken economies, pandemic illnesses. Fear nothing. Be in JOY at all moments and always at ease, and all will continue to BE and to BECOME easy. Think of love, and it will be with you. Believe you are wealthy, for you ARE. Believe you are well, for spirit can never be anything BUT well.

I am source, as are you. We are all ONE, of one, and from one. There is no seperation, and no distinction in heaven between your spirit and mine. There is no seperation between having and not having. It is all one and the same, for all things exist at one and the same moment, in one and the same place, on one and the same plane. Open your eyes, and see what has always been before you. You are in the kingdom already. Eden IS now. Here. In you and around you and for always.

What is this second photograph between the cat and dog? The images were taken just seconds apart.When they look at each other it’s showing a stream of mist around and between them.

You have imaged the transfer of thought energy between beings, when though energy is transferring in both directions between them. See how there is so little energy when the thoughts go only one way (here from the dog to the cat in the first photo) and then the LEAP in energy when they CONNECT (in the second photo). This is how energy increases when it flows in an unbroken loop, or circle. When the circuit is completed, the energy rises, and feeds itself, to rise again and again, higher and higher. So it is with all energy dynamics, and so it is with evolution and the ascension of the soul.

My left pinkie has been having some senisitivity in the tip the last two years, and now this weekend feels sprained. What do I do to make my pinkie feel better, what is causing it the pain(s)?

Your pinkie is experiencing two types of pain, nerve and muscle/joint. They both stem from issues of receptivity, but one is old and is repairing itself, and the newer pain is a symptom of your FEAR of receiving what you want. You are afraid that you are not worthy, that you will want the wrong things, that you will receive the wrong things, that you will not receive what you want. All those fears are fallacious and incorrect. I have designed you in my image, and you can want only that which is good for you, and there is nothing in the universe that I have created that is not good for you, as it is all from the light and of the light and you are from and of the light. We would like you now to KNOW that you can receive anything you want and that it is all wonderful and good and healthy and there for you to receive RIGHT NOW. See, you feel better already.

On finding and following your path:

Quiet yourself. Let yourself be at peace. See what comes into your minds eye. Where do you see yourself next? There is no wrong decision. As Maya always reminds herself “You are always in exactly the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” We find it very amusing that you humans have to constantly remind yourself of what is such a basic truth. We are glad that you are beginning to REMEMBER this basic truth. We are even happier that you are beginning to LIVE this basic truth. This is not a test. There are no wrong choices. You have always done what is right, just as you will now choose what is right. Go forward, in joy, and at peace that you are on the right path, just as you have always been on the right path. There is nothing that you can think of that you are not allowed to do, that you should not do, that you must not do. All thoughts are an act of creation, all deeds are a manifestation of creation, and all creation is GOOD. You are good, you are whole, and it is TIME for you to be responsible to your own self and create what you desire. Communicate with your higher self, and be that kind of selfish. Higher-selfish. Greater-selfish. Perfectly-selfish. This kind of self-ish-ness will manifest in a way that will benefit you, and in turn, all of mankind, all of earth, and all of creation. Be open. Be ready. Good things surround you. Every day remind yourself to open to all the wonderful ways the universe is expanding to meet your desires. There is nothing you want that is selfish, there is nothing you can do that will harm another, there is nothing you desire that will not be good for you. All your desires are healthy, and are part of the blessed connection and One-ness you have with source. CREATE. LIVE. Be in JOY. These are your directives as a creative aspect of source. These are the reasons you are on your planet. Let your love pour out of you, and into your creations. Let it fill your days and your heart with joy and wonder, and drive you to experience the full-ness of life. Receive love, for you ARE love and what you are returns to you. Receive and BE in joy, for you are joy.

On Winter and Mother Earth:

Winter is a good time for introspection and meditation. Many of you huddle indoors now in the winter, and wait for spring to come so you can return to nature. But nature still waits outside your doors. Mother Earth misses the days when all humans rejoiced in her snows and storms. For they are a time a cleansing and renewal, a time to enjoy. When it snows, remember to be as a child, and delight in the snow. Fall into a snow bank. Make a snowball. Get wet, get cold. And then go inside and sit by the fire and just be. Drink hot cocoa and eat warm soup. Take nothing for granted, for all is a manifestation of humanity’s wonderful ability to create, and you always create what is beautiful. Rejoice in your surroundings.

December, 2007

What do these larger snow storms do for us, for the earth?

For you humans, the snow storms have taken on different meaning than they used to hold. Now, when your lives are so busy, they are a gift to make you stop, motionless, forcing a retreat from the hurry and stress that you are in the midst of. Only the most stubborn of you refuse to listen to the snow, refuse to stop and relax for those few gifted hours. For the animals, and for humans past, snow is also a time to rest, but not because they are stressed or too busy. They welcome the rest, it is not forced upon them or resented in any way. As with your children who live for snow days and sledding, so too do the animals enjoy the peacefulness of the snow and the joy it brings. For the Earth the snow is a tool. She brings on this period of rest to ensure that all are ready for the following period of un-rest, of activity, of hustle and bustle and clamoring. This is not the clamoring of economy or war, but the activity of evolution, of change, of shifts. Every snow heralds a quiet shift in vibration, a time of consciousness about to rise. The rest, the peacefulness of the spirit, allows the physical bodies of the beings which inhabit the earth to better accept the higher vibration. As the earth shifts to her highest vibration, there will someday be less snow. People will seek it out for its restorative qualities. But that is neither here nor now. It IS there. Then. Do not seek the future, it will come soon enough. Live in the present. Relax in your snow. Be ready to ascend another step higher.

A message for the holidays:

This holiday season fill your heart with joy and expectation. Expect good things, and you will receive them. Expect blessings, and you will be blessed. Give blessings, and you will be doubly blessed. The spirit of Christ is but the spirit of LOVE, and you are one and the same as Christ for you are ONE and the SAME as LOVE. There is great joy coming, as more beings on your planet fill their hearts with joy the vibration on your planet rises to accompany the hearts of its people and so all becomes more and more filled with joy, more and more filled with light, easier and happier and more abundantly filled with clear and obvious blessings. Open your hearts and your minds, and receive the bounty which you have created.

What is the story behind RH- and RH+ blood? I’ve heard everything from stories about cro magnons, to reptilian aliens, to adam and eve…

RH- and RH+ blood represents the final splitting away of earth-humanity from its animal origins. Slowly, RH- blood is spreading. As the RH- blood becomes dominant, humanity will find itself to be less like the animal it has been, and will begin to have the abilities and characteristics of its extra-terrestrial fore-fathers, who are true humans. This is just another part of evolution, the continuation of man becoming its own species, and evolving to where it should be. At this time, there is no discernable difference between one who is RH- and RH+. The actual evolutionary changes will not be evident for hundreds of years. RH- blood at this time merely indicates the direction of mass evolution. RH+ blood holds as much ability for evolution and “special” abilities as RH- blood.

Is there a purpose for the different A, B, O, AB blood types? What do they mean?

The different blood types began at different times, as your scientists have seen. They are markers for the different levels of consciousness that humanity has achieved at different times. They do NOT show if people now are more or less evolved, more or less human, or an older or younger soul. They DO indicate what priorities the person begins with in this lifetime, the issues they will be most concerned with. O types will be learning lessons about provisioning for themselves and their families. They are here to focus on family life, on root chakra issues. Their most important lessons are about how to provide for themselves with grace and ease, and in turn help humanity evolve out of survival based existence and into a state of grace and joy. A types are the builders and engineers, the ones who are finding ways to organize whatever lessons humanity is learning at the time into a manageable reality. Their challenge is often to do this in a calm and easy manner, as they often feel as if they have the entire weight of humanity on their shoulders. B types are the ones who have come in to simply enjoy life, and to harmonize the other blood types together into a cohesive, happy, mass consiousness. Their challenge is to turn the illusions of sadness of those around them into joy, to purify mass consciousness without being tainted by the lower emotions. AB types are here to bring in new ideas and new lessons. They often feel like they are outcasts and on the fringe of society, because they hold a very different reality within them than that of mass consiousness. They are the map-makers. They often feel that they have arrived early, because in fact they have. Together, all the blood types are working to create a more evolved, conscious humanity. No blood type is more important or more evolved than another. They each hold a part of the key to the future.