These archives contain messages from the 2007-2009 period. Check our “Messages from Eden” posts for newer transmissions.

September, 2009

monthly message, 9/9 alignment, financial crash

August, 2009

monthly message, Ants, Crop Circles, Viruses, Loving Relationships, Vampires

July, 2009

monthly message

June, 2009

monthly message, Volunteer Work, Vibrational Influence on Other People, Rain in the Northeast US

May, 2009

monthly message, the Grays and Other Negative Entities, Disassociation, Why we meet certain people

April, 2009

monthly message, Soul Names

March, 2009

monthly message, New Chakra Systems, Freedom, Objects in your home, Crystal Skulls

February, 2009

monthly message, Joseph and Mary

January, 2009

monthly message, Annunaki Alien Hybrids, Cold Winter Weather

December, 2008

monthly message: the power of words, Dis-ease & Recovery, Economic Fear

November, 2008

monthly message, Changing Life Patterns, Mouse, Evolving Souls & Relationships

October, 2008

monthly message, Doom & Gloom Prophecies, Fear of Death

September, 2008

EFT, Butterfly Bush, Drinking Water, Terra Preta, Heart Chakra Christ-consciousness, Tibetan Spinning, Wall Street Government Bailout

August, 2008

monthly message, Partidge Pea Flower Essence, How Homeopathics & Flower Essences Work, Psychic Research and the Military, Eating and Prayer

July, 2008

monthly message, Hummingbird Deva, time, leg sensations, earth kundalini

June, 2008

summer message, No-Eyes disaster prophecies, Clematis, Mountain Laurel, Thunderstorms and Summer Heat Waves

May, 2008

monthly message, creation, Hathor, multi-tasking

April, 2008

monthly message, John of God, EFT, earth shift

March, 2008

monthly message, daily message, tv and media, chemtrails, global warming, plastic and environmental toxins,
etheric shell, species extinction, reincarnation, sleeping, genetic memory/source knowledge, plants, partnerships

February, 2008

monthly message, root chakra spasms, lunar eclipses, gems & flowers

January, 2008

new year, otter, green ray

December, 2007

snow storms, holidays, blood types, RH negative

November, 2007

monthly message, animal communication photo, nerve pain, winter, finding your path

October, 2007

orbs, travelers, merkaba or blue triangle beings

September, 2007

monthly message, intent, evolution, angels, seven mansions, orbs, mandalas

August, 2007

devas, sleeping, eating, soul groups, karma

July, 2007

monthly message, Abraham, non-returners, orb photos, devas, firing the grid, poison ivy, mariam stone

June, 2007

monthly message, aurora borealis, crop circles, global warming, Lyme disease, Akashic records

May, 2007

introduction to eden, crop circles